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Wamuhu Mwaura

Published poet, long time musician, and aspiring novelist. I dedicate the time I spend away from my children to higher learning, being a soldier, and refining my craft.
Wamuhu is the author of
Above Acuity’s Monolith, a seldom seen aurora, a disharmonic schism which heralds contention and strife. The Anodecum’s journey across the Divides is begun, but Destiny rarely walks her chosen in a straight path. Come Harvester, Necromagians in tow.
Chimeras and clones walk the earth. Nanette Leeds commands Tenue Sept, a taskforce assigned the extermination of rouges.
Mysticism, sorcery, and demigods to boot. What do you expect? It’s the Elemental Realm. When the goddess of death wages war on humanity, what else can a mere mortal girl do but sacrifice everything to become powerful in her own right.
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Hooked me instantly.
In this Battlestar Galactica meets Game of Thrones epic, a noble scientist discovers a strange element that he hopes will cure an ailing king while an egotistical god seeks to use the element to take control of all three realms.
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by Anne Rice
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