Hello Everyone!

Oh boy, oh boy! Last week I got some developmental edits/notes for Eudaimonia! 

Which means I will be busy revising and writing in the coming days and weeks! 
So, any inspiring and energetic good vibes fell free to send my way. I will NEED them.

Publishing, I’m coming for you!

Your friend,

Meghan Godwin

 Hello friends!

I hope your holiday season was wonderful and that 2018 is shaping up to be a great year for you!

I wanted to give you a quick update on where things stand with the production of Eudaimonia. At the beginning of January, I got an email from the folks at Inkshares. They have read the Eudaimonia manuscript and will be reaching out in the next week or so with some information/notes on editing.  This is very exciting! Things are happening.

The email also asked a bunch of questions about the "theme" and "archetype" and "Where does your story belong in the 40,000-year-old tradition of human storytelling?" I’m not going to lie, that last one tripped me up a bit. My initial reaction was, "You know, near the end." Like I was telling a mover where to put a box. Not to be flippant, but it is much easier to tell a mover where to put a box than to consider where your place should be in the whole of human storytelling.  (I mean, geez, what do you say to that?) So, I said what felt natural: "I don’t know." 

Nailed it.

I am very much looking forward to the next steps. I can’t wait to fill you in on everything as it develops! 

Thank you so much for taking this journey with me, I think we are going to have a lot of fun along the way.

Your friend,

Meghan Godwin

Hello Friends!

I wanted to first wish you a "happy holidays"!

Then I wanted to give you a few updates:
1. Eudaimonia - everything has been submitted and now we are just waiting. I will let you know as soon as I hear something.

2. NaNoWriMo- This is the first time I have participated in National Novel Writing Month. My word count at the end of November is 14,247. Now, when you consider the goal of 50,000 words that 14,247 does NOT look all that impressive. 28% achievement of any goal could be considered failure. But, when you consider everything else I was working on in November ( 3 college classes, work, coordinating an office move, needing to eat and sleep) 14,247 words doesn’t seem so terrible after all. AND when I tell you that these 14,247 words were the beginning of the SEQUEL to Eudaimonia, they start looking pretty darn good!  
As it is with most things, it is all about how you frame it. But to sweeten the sell, I want you to know that I have an attainable December writing goal of 5,000 words. So, by the end of the year that 14,247 should be 19,247.  That is nearly 20,000 words in the SEQUEL direction. Super cool.

After all of your help and support to get Eudaimonia in the "publishing way," I didn’t want you to think I was ungrateful or had fallen into a hole.  I am working, and I will continue to work (because this whole Eudaimonia- getting -published-thing has given me momentum and made me insufferable to be around.) 

Thank you so much (AGAIN) for everything! 
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Your pal,
Meghan Godwin


Hello friends!

It has been about 2 weeks since the Launchpad contest ended and Eudaimonia made it into the Top 3! 

Since then, I have finished and sent the Inkshares Creative Brief, Author Questionnaire, and my draft of Eudaimonia. I am both equally excited and petrified.

So now, it is just hurry up and wait. But, I am not a very good "waiter". Both in the sense where you take an order and try not to spill beer on someone and when you are supposed to be still and wait patiently. I’ve decided to give NaNoWriMo a whirl this November. I am going to try my hardest to write a novel (50,000 words) in thirty days. Check it out!

 Hopefully, I’ll be able to make some headway in something NEW this November. Wish me luck!

You + Me= Published,

Meghan Godwin

P.S. Eudaimonia can still be pre-ordered if you are interested :)



First things first, congratulations to Paul, Kate, and Susan. This was hard, so, way to persevere. This was not for the faint of heart and you guys did GREAT!

Now, to my people: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

 I’m sure you are tired of hearing it, but everyone is getting a THANK YOU. This would not have been possible without you. So when I say, "we did it" I truly mean this was a "we" thing. And I am so excited to get to share this experience with you!

More to come, for sure.

Your very grateful friend,

Meghan Godwin

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Thank you, Brian, it IS amazing!
Picture Brian Fitzpatrick · Author · edited 6 months ago · 1 like
Congratulations on 3rd place!  That is amazing!

Thank you so much for your help yesterday!

With about 15 hours left only 24 pre-orders are separating 3rd place from 4th place. Intense!

Thank you so much for helping me to stay in 3rd. I appreciate all your shares, emails, and text messages in order to keep Eudaimonia in a spot where it can be published!

When I started writing it, five years ago, I did not foresee a day like today. There was a lot of, “Dear God, woman, do you have any idea of how a comma works?” and “I think I have the beginning and end, but the middle doesn’t seem to be coming together.” and of course, “I swear Cat! If you do not get off the keyboard I will make shoes out of you!”

So, today, for a host of reasons, is a VERY GOOD day!

I’m so excited to see how the chips fall today. 

If you haven’t pre-ordered, today would be an excellent day to do so!

And of course, if you have (I am indebted to you until death) Would you mind sharing this link? Or maybe a social media shout out? You can share directly to Twitter and Facebook from this link as well:


Your friend,

Meghan Godwin

Oh boy, this is it!

As of this exact moment in time, there are 4 places separating 3rd and 4th! And we’ve only got until tomorrow, Tues Oct 17th 10 pm (PDT) or for us on the east coast Oct 18th at 1 am!

So, if you haven’t pre-ordered, I’d love it if you would.

And if you have, you are the best!

I imagine that all your people are just as wonderful as you are, would you mind sharing, tweeting, direct messaging, or emailing them this link?


Even though you can’t see it yet, I was VERY EXCITED to find out that Eudaimonia was the October syndicate pick for the  Break the Bechdel with Strong Female Characters Syndicate! Look at these nice things they had to say-

  "...our October pick is Eudaimonia by Meghan Godwin!! Here’s why:

Need more Handmaid’s Tale to get through the year? Meghan Godwin’s Eudaimonia brings exactly what you need, with a hint of 1984 and definitely some Girl Interrupted. Bette Donovan is everything because she’s not...not fertile that is. In a world where women are reduced to their ability to procreate, Bette has to find her way through the secrets that surround to a purpose that is more. Also-- run ins with cannibalistic madmen on the fringe? Yes please! "

Thank you so much, Janna Grace and all the other syndicate members! 

Meghan Godwin

Well friends,

It seems I owe you an apology for the “fire drill” yesterday. I thought (just like everyone else in this contest) that Monday, Oct 9th was the end of this contest. SURPRISE! That is not the case!

Inkshares seemed to have had a glitch with the web page that they were unaware of:

“The end date was always the end of the day on the 16th, but a glitch in the system kept making it the 10th. We did not know this was going on until very recently, or we absolutely would have sent an update. We will address this to everyone soon.” -Elena Stofle

So while that was vastly confusing, the silver lining here is we have one more week! (TUES OCT 17TH)

I appreciate everyone who has already pre-ordered! Thank you so much for all your help getting Eudaimonia into AND keeping it in the top 3.

Currently, there are 26 pre-orders separating 3rd and 4th place. Which is the difference of having a book published or not.

You know what I’m going to ask since this isn’t our first rodeo. :) But, this time I took a page from Mr. Paul Gulyas, who happens to be in first place, and created a little copy and paste snippet that might be helpful. (When you ask your pals, pals of pals, and long lost 2nd cousins to help THIS sister out.)

My friend, Meghan, is trying to get her book published. Would you help her by pre-ordering? Or maybe giving her book, Eudaimonia, a shout out on Facebook, Twitter or email?https://www.inkshares.com/books/eudaimonia-48b598

You would be surprised the power of one pre-order!

Again, I am very sorry for the confusion.

As you were, keep on trucking, we are nearly there because Oct 17th is when this contest is actually over!

Meghan Godwin

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