Hello, hello, hello!  

I am chug, chug, chugging along! I received my copy-edited manuscript back at the end of October. Then I spent a couple of weeks going through each note on every page. I submitted the reviewed copy edited manuscript on November 9th. Since I have never done this before, I was a little unsure of what to expect. 

As I did my initial graze through the whole document I was shocked at how thorough this copy editor person was. Shocked and delighted. The amount of time and care they took to fix emdashes, point out inconsistencies, and "just confirm this was what was intended" was a whole new level of oversight for me. And I was relieved. This is not just me throwing all of the words into a sentence and hoping my primitive knowledge of commas will get us to the end. A very smart stranger read 409 pages of something I wrote and then took the time to make notes. And not just vague notes, specific, granular notes.  

This must be how that shoemaker in the fairy tale felt when he woke up one morning and found that elves had made everything better in the night. I didn’t even know people like this existed, these copy editors. I believe they might be modern day elves. The next step will be to send this spiffed up manuscript to the typesetter to have it poured. Pouring is what makes it look like a real book. Again, kind of sounds like magic to me.

I hope you have a magical week. too.

Your friend,

Meghan Godwin  

Hello Friends! 

It has been a good long while since I sent out an update but, finally, I have some news! 

Inkshares is planning on a Spring/Summer 2022 release for Eudaimonia! 

In October it will have been 4 years since you helped me get this thing in production. Without your help it would have never stood a chance. So, again, thank you. We are getting there! 

Recently, I had to spend some time on a plane. I knew that I would be stuck for multiple hours with little to do. So, I uploaded the most recent draft of Eudaimonia (this makes 4, I think) to my Kindle. Everything inside of me cringed as I started on page one. 

I think when you create something and refine it over, and over, and over all you really see is what is wrong with it. That’s all you are focused on. Why is this terrible and how do I fix it? The decent parts you disregard because they don’t need attention. Hours are spent hunched over sections dickering around with the way a sentance sounds. And you are never reading it as a whole piece of work. Never. Throw in the insecurity of never having done this before and the doubt that it will ever get better, argh. 

This is what prompted the dread when I opened that Kindle thousands of feet above the ground. I didn’t want to, yet again, face all the rough and ugly parts of this book and all of my shortcomings as an amateur. Atrocious, right? Plus, it was impossible to correct anything on a Kindle in an airplane. So, as I read, imagine my suprise when I thought to myself, "I don’t hate this." 

That may not sound like a ringing endorsement to you, for me, that is progress. 

I hope you are having a wonderful summer, 

Your friend, 

Meghan Godwin 

Hooray! I’ve just sent off my most recent draft!

I have spent the last three months working and tweaking this draft based on the editorial letter I received in February.

I don’t know about you, but March was lost for me. It took me a minute to pull myself away from the news and will some semblance of normalcy back into my life. And I’m not alone, almost overnight, every one of us had to re-make lives we had grown accustomed to.

The idea of sitting down to wax on poetically (or not so poetically) about a world I made up with imaginary characters seemed absurd as large chunks of the real world broke off and fell away from the assumed normal. It took me until April to rally. (and really, how much can one person drink and watch the news?) I turned off the TV, put timers on my apps, and got down to the business shaping this fourth draft. And here we are!

I expect have some feedback by the end of the summer. I’ll keep you posted when I do. 

This is a weird time. Take care of yourself and those around you.


Meghan Godwin

Hello Friends! 

I hope your holidays were happy and that you are crushing your 2020 goals! 

My 2019 goal was to finish my recent draft by Octo-vember. I did manage to finish by Dec 4th. 

I then sat on it for a few weeks before re-reading it from start to finish. This may have been my undoing. 
After much fiddling, I finally turned it over Monday night. It’s in the queue!


Thanks for continuing to stick it out with me,
Meghan Godwin

I recently went to one of those indoor rock-climbing joints. There are a lot of things that cross your mind as a high school Junior blazes through an insufficient safety briefing and then holds out a borrowed harness for you to step into. 

I’m going to sweat through this shirt. Why didn’t I trim my nails? Is this bra even up to the task? Who am I and what do I do in the world? (Thoughts whir out of control quickly in the insecurity spiral.)

One of the things I found myself thinking about as I stared up that wall studded with multicolored handholds was stamina- figurative and literal. I don’t have a ton of experience with the latter. I’m not a marathon runner or even a 5k walker. But I thought I might have just enough will to get up that wall.

Partway up and approaching the first protruding ledge I found myself stuck. With shaking forearms, gritted teeth, and (as promised) sweat there was a resounding internal “NOPE”. I couldn’t make myself move past this man-made wall jetty. I leaned back because someone said that I could simply “float back to earth” when I needed to. (That high-schooler was a damn liar). My stomach squealed and clawed like a lobster under the lid of a boiling pot. Expletives were uttered. 

Rattled, I sat drinking water and wondering where all this sweat was coming from. There was an 11-year-old girl grappling the wall in front of me, as sure footed as a baby mountain goat. I’ll admit, my first inclination was jealousy. It soon passed into curiosity and I noticed how she was working. 

She wasn’t muscled or tall and she didn’t have spider webs shooting out her wrists. She was careful and thoughtful as she assessed each handhold. She wasn’t self-conscious. I don’t think she even knew anyone else was in that crowded gymnasium. She strategically plotted the course, deliberately placed her hands, and pushed with her legs when needed. It was incredible to watch. And there was a lot I could learn from her.

I eventually got up and over that ledge. I pushed with my legs and didn’t stop until I made it to the top. 

Stamina has also been on my mind these days with regards to this editing and rewriting business. Writing and deleting, deleting and writing, writing and rewriting and then deleting, forever and ever. Amen. If the stamina holds out (I still have some shaking forearms and gritted teeth) I’m hoping to have this current draft wrapped up in October. If it doesn’t, then I’ll regroup and try again for November.

I’ll get up this wall, too. Just you watch :)

 Thanks for everything,

Meghan Godwin 

Meghan, what in the world have you been up to?

I’m a glad you asked! At the end of December ( and I mean the VERY end) I submitted a second draft to my friends at Inkshares. Then, the next 4 months I was engulfed in all things tax. I don’t know what you personally think about the new tax law, but I can tell you for all of us in the tax preparation industry this year was a doozy. A "maybe we should get a different job" kind of doozy. Which is probably why I can’t remember May, my recovery month. 

But, here we are nearly at the end of June. I have regained my zest and vigor for life.  I have new notes and suggestions on that second draft I wrote. So my course is clear: I will be re-writing for the next several months.

What can I say? Writing is hard. But, as my husband says, "Meghan, you do the hard things." Or maybe I just work harder, not smarter...

I hope you have a lovely summer. I will be tinkering away with the earnest hope that I will have more to tell you sooner rather than later.

And, as always, thank you so much,

Meghan Godwin

 Hello Friends!

Well, nearly a year ago ALL of you helped me get to here:

 This "in production" thing still makes me feel like I’ve been crowned Prom Queen.

“So, Meghan, are you still writing?”

One of the teachers I hated the most in the 5th grade was my art teacher. He was a sanctimonious man who did not know how to speak to children. (I mean, we have all had jobs that weren’t ideal fits)  Every time I brought him my work he would hold it out in front of him, nod his head and say, “I mean, it is a good start.”

This was infuriating to a 10-year-old unconcerned with “perspective in a city scene” and who wanted desperately to be excused to free-time coloring.

But, to a woman of a certain age, writing a novel, “a good start” is encouraging feedback! The very thoughtful folks at Inkshares have given me a lot to consider in order to make Eudaimonia better. They have also been A LOT more helpful than my 5th-grade art teacher. I like better and I am certain you will too. Currently, I’m about a third of the way through the second round of edits. My goal is to get them wrapped up before the end of the year. Either way, I’ll let you know :)

This experience is really a lot of fun for me. But your continued interest and support is like sprinkles on top of frosting! Awww, thanks, guys!

Until I have more to report, 

Meghan Godwin

Hello friends!

I know what you must be thinking, “Eudai..what? Meghan, who?”

Which is a perfectly normal response when you haven’t heard from someone in months. To recap, I am Meghan Godwin and I wrote Eudaimonia, and you (very graciously) helped me get it on track to be published. We are now inexorably linked. Hooray!

I have been working diligently for the last few months to spruce up the Eudaimonia manuscript based on the comments, suggestions, and feedback from the developmental edit letter. Today, I am proud to report, I’m done… with that part. I have just emailed the first round of developmental edits for Eudaimonia. Double Hooray!

We are still a ways from “totally finished”, but this round of edits is a nice mile marker to pass on that road to “done”. And, as we keep passing mile markers I will keep updating you on our progress!

Thanks again for your help and support!

Pals forever,

Meghan Godwin

P.S. - To my new friends and followers, if you haven’t pre-ordered Eudaimonia yet you can do so here: https://www.inkshares.com/books/eudaimonia-48b598

Hello Friends!

I know that it has been a minute since my last update. I just wanted to let you know that I am A) still alive B) still typing away.

The first few months of the year are very busy at my job, so there is a direct correlation to how much work gets done versus how much writing gets done. I have created a somewhat crude diagram to illustrate this. (All figures are exaggerated to make a point)

As you may remember I received developmental edit notes/suggestions for the manuscript in February. I did attempt to work on them in February & March, albeit very slowly. April is looking up and I should feel like I’m making real progress in May & June. 

Back to work,

Meghan Godwin 

Hello Everyone!

Oh boy, oh boy! Last week I got some developmental edits/notes for Eudaimonia! 

Which means I will be busy revising and writing in the coming days and weeks! 
So, any inspiring and energetic good vibes fell free to send my way. I will NEED them.

Publishing, I’m coming for you!

Your friend,

Meghan Godwin

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