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dean fearce

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A territorial psychiatrist must find the murderer hunting his patients before the police pin the crimes on him.
In the frozen Adirondacks, a no man’s land exists between the Glamazons and the Red Plaids. And in this cleft made by fate or science, two people hide a secret that promises both freedom...and destruction.
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I'm not a prologue kind of guy, but this one is intriguing and, oh, i feel a hook in my jaw...
A failing magazine writer and a nightclub hostess take a break from the world on a derelict plantation in rural Tennessee. As the ghosts of the past thicken the atmosphere, each suspects their partner of plotting murder.
How could you not appreciate a book titled thusly? Sign me up for a copy!
Feeling ravenous for this book! Love that Luis is using 1st person present tense, it's a challenge, but he's got it working magnificently here.
A young teen faces her first Trials and magic takes center stage in this epic young adult contemporary fantasy novel.
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