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Robert Batten

A writer of science-fiction and fantasy residing in Australia’s rugged island state of Tasmania. He has yet to find any ents, elves, or hobbits, but plans to keep searching.
Robert is the author of
The Blight changed everything. Eighty years later, humanity is almost extinct. They survive only by the grace of the Melior, only so long as they remain viable food.
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The very first short story in this wonderfully dark anthology captivated me. I can't wait to read the entire collection.
Edwards has proven his diversity by shifting from Sci-Fi to Fantasy and given us another intriguing tale. A finalist in the 2017 Launch Pad competition, the excerpts set the stage for a classic adventure I'm looking forward to reading.
A young lord barely escapes when his house is attacked by the heir to the Empire. With his parents dead, Julien joins with outlaw rebels. He learns of a spirit bound to him, offering power to exact revenge, but it will cost his very soul.
Rule Britannia has the beginnings of a classic Steampunk adventure. It captures the essence of the genre wonderfully and presents us with rich characters I'm already eager to follow.
A female airship Captain and her crew work to prevent a despotic Queen Victoria expanding her empire.
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