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Robert Batten

A writer of science-fiction and fantasy residing in Australia’s rugged island state of Tasmania. He has yet to find any ents, elves, or hobbits, but plans to keep searching.
Robert is the author of
Fifty years ago, a virus rewrote humanity’s DNA. Among the survivors, genetics dictates everything. Can a guilt-ridden scientist and assassin bent on revenge save humanity?
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Books Robert Recommends
Rule Britannia has the beginnings of a classic Steampunk adventure. It captures the essence of the genre wonderfully and presents us with rich characters I'm already eager to follow.
A female airship Captain and her crew work to prevent a despotic Queen Victoria expanding her empire.
A powerful, chilling opening. In Seicha we find a strong, resourceful, and intelligent protagonist — a girl trying to survive in a harsh, engaging world. I'm looking forward to exploring that world in full when the book comes out.
In a war-torn tribal city inhabited by mystical spirits, a young woman named Seicha is ritually sacrificed to a demon and must navigate the dangers of the Underworld to protect the family she left behind from beyond the grave.
Who doesn't love a great fae story? Buckle up for a dark urban fantasy.
In a world where humans and faeries co-exist, the Fae Patriarch of Boston’s criminal underworld must choose between a role he never wanted, one that will change the Seelie Court forever, and the destruction of everything he loves.
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