Meghan Godwin's latest update for Eudaimonia

Jun 26, 2022

Hey, hey!
Happy Summer!
I just got word that Eudaimonia has been scheduled for proofreading!
They expect to have the proofread manuscript back at the beginning of July! This will be small tweaks, mainly related to words and sentences. From there it will go back to our friend, the typesetter, to integrate the changes. Based on this timeline we are now anticipating a Fall release.
In the meantime, Inkshares gave me a tip sheet as homework. This is the information they’ll use to create a book page on retailer websites (like Amazon, B&N) in the upcoming weeks. That feels a little surreal. What, me? An author page for Amazon? Well, yes, actually. It is the next practical step. And the next step after that? *eek!* Putting together the bones of a promotion plan.
Ever forward,
Meghan Godwin