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Wonderful to hear and congrats on being so close to the end of the road! I will be placing a pre-order in the coming days and look forward to reading my copy in the future.

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Wonderful to hear and congrats on being so close to the end of the road! I will be placing a pre-order in the coming days and look forward to reading my copy in the future.

All the best.
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Thanks for your comment Cameron! It’s still coming along- lots of bumps along the road that are finally smoothing out, but we’re making headway! I took off this mo th to hopefully finish the 2nd to last draft, then one more round of edits and it is off to the team at Inkshares!
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Hey there. I really love the concept and cover you have. This seems like a novel that is right up my ally.

Gotta ask though, it’s been a little bit since you have posted any updates, how is the book coming?

Hello everyone!!

 I apologize for the disappearing act- I was waiting to be able to announce two pieces of good news! Still waiting on one, but in the meantime I am so happy to announce that The Talkers are Talking received an Honorable Mention in the Launch Pad Competition! I had submitted the first 50 pages of my original  (very rough) draft for the feedback option of the contest- I have heard so many opposing ideas about that chunk that I wanted to see what the professionals would say as I come to final edits....and somehow that rough first draft made its way to the final list!  So- will be in touch if anything comes of it. In the meantime, you can check it out and all of the other amazing projects here:


As for the project itself - we are getting there I promise! Waiting on a few more developmental edits and then I will be moving to what I hope to be the final draft! I apologize for how long it’s taking, but I really do want to make sure the final version is the best it can be. Thank you as always for your support and keep an eye out for some more exciting news in the next few weeks!

Thanks so much and Happy Halloween! 


Hello everyone!! 

I hope you are doing well and recovering from this crazy election! I also hope you had a wonderful Halloween and that all those participating in NaNoWriMo are having a good time of it! I’m doing my best to complete revisions of the second draft an am writing under jliggan if you want to add me there. 

Lots of good news on the book front- had some great feedback from betas and hope to get the second draft out to some new ones within the next month. If you are interested, I will be paying a thank you fee of $50 to all betas. 

Next, we have had major advancements towards finalizing our cover and are trying to decide pen names. So, in the meantime, I want to share it with the working pen name of the moment. The talented artists are a husband/wife duo (he’s an artist and she’s a graphic designer and they are both crazy talented) who are always looking for new clients. I can’t say enough about how professional, skillfull and just all-around wonderful they are. Their names are Annika and Ben and their website is: http://www.trustfundart.co.uk/

Without further ado- here are the two new covers we have been choosing between (leaning very heavily towards the one on the left, but open to opinions--please email me at jliggan@gmail.com or DM on Inkshares):

And finally...I got married a few weeks ago and thought you guys might like to see a pic from it! And maybe even more importantly, I was Dr. Alan Grant and my husband was Dr. Ian Malcolm for Halloween, so I’m throwing that in for good measure. Thank you all, as always!!


Hello lovely readers!!

Exciting news! Our syndicate (Break the Bechdel with Strong Female Characters found here: https://www.inkshares.com/syndicates/break-the-bechdel-with-strong-female-characters ) just surpassed the CEO Syndicate in highest number of members! We are (at least for the moment) the largest Syndicate on Inkshares! So lucky to have found such amazing people who are intelligent, respectful and passionate about increasing the number of strong/fully-realized female characters in this world. If you haven’t joined yet, please check it out. The discussions alone are worth it =)

More updates to come soon...including the rough artwork of the new cover for The Talkers are Talking.

Thanks, as always, for your support.

Hello Everyone!! 

I know it has been a while since I last updated, but that is only because there has been so much happening! 

First, check out the best syndicate in town, Break the Bechdel with Strong Female Characters! We have some incredible books up for our June nomination with And the Wolf Shall Dwell by Joni Dee coming in first place at the moment, followed closely by Devil’s Call by J. Danielle Dorn and Last Faoii by Tahani Nelson. If you haven’t read a couple of chapters from these projects, I promise you, you are missing out. Want a copy of the winning story and to be part of a great group of people looking to bring strong and real female characters to light? Join by the 14th to have your vote count!

Next, I am part of a wonderful new project called Tale Spinners and I think a lot of you might be interested. We are a coalition of writers, artists, musicians, and creators of all types (we are currently looking for a comic book artist to illustrate some snippets), who are trying to bring great free art and lit to readers once a month. Eventually, we would like to ghost write for anyone with a story to tell, but that is still in the works. If you want free short lit sent to you once a month, or if you are interested in joining, check out and subscribe now (or DM me on Inkshares):

And lastly, Talkers has been sent to beta readers and soon will be undergoing developmental edits (we are still shooting for an October or November release date, but I want to make sure Talkers is the best it can be, so that is dependent on edits)...

and perhaps even more exciting...

I have found the incredible husband and wife duo who are currently creating the cover for The Talkers are Talking! I stayed at their home once while I was traveling through Wales and was immediately struck by their work. 4 years later, I found they have joined Annika’s graphic design talents with Ben’s phenomenal artistic ability to create book covers, magazine work, music art, logo design and more. Check out their amazing work here:

And here is a sample mock-up they made, so you can get a taste of their style (and what to expect in Talker’s future):

Much love to all,
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This was the first dead tree book I backed on  Inkshares, I can hardly wait to this  story in my hands! Let’s go Inkshares!

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to let you know that I am in full writing mode! I have been able to devote 2 to 3 full days a week to writing and am looking to get my final draft to Inkshares and Girl Friday Production by June 1st latest. According to average production time from there, the publish date would be somewhere in September or October! Thank you so much again for making this possible.

Next, I would love to send you all along to a project that a friend is spearheading and I will be contributing to. I am reaching out to all of my writer/reader friends and thought many people on Inkshares might be interested too. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Tale Spinners is an initiative dedicated to providing free fiction to the public.  We are a collaboration of writers, poets, and artists from multiple walks who all have one underlying commonality: we believe in the power of story telling.  Our goal is simple - do what we love, and bring others along for the ride.

In layman’s terms, a small coalition of artists and aspiring authors have come together to pump out some great stories --- for free.  Our question is: who is interested?  So we’re running an experiment (blame our lead organizer for this one).  Check out our link below:

Thanks again and I hope you are all well!

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