Janna Grace's latest update for The Talkers are Talking

Nov 14, 2016

Hello everyone!! 

I hope you are doing well and recovering from this crazy election! I also hope you had a wonderful Halloween and that all those participating in NaNoWriMo are having a good time of it! I’m doing my best to complete revisions of the second draft an am writing under jliggan if you want to add me there. 

Lots of good news on the book front- had some great feedback from betas and hope to get the second draft out to some new ones within the next month. If you are interested, I will be paying a thank you fee of $50 to all betas. 

Next, we have had major advancements towards finalizing our cover and are trying to decide pen names. So, in the meantime, I want to share it with the working pen name of the moment. The talented artists are a husband/wife duo (he’s an artist and she’s a graphic designer and they are both crazy talented) who are always looking for new clients. I can’t say enough about how professional, skillfull and just all-around wonderful they are. Their names are Annika and Ben and their website is: http://www.trustfundart.co.uk/

Without further ado- here are the two new covers we have been choosing between (leaning very heavily towards the one on the left, but open to opinions--please email me at jliggan@gmail.com or DM on Inkshares):

And finally...I got married a few weeks ago and thought you guys might like to see a pic from it! And maybe even more importantly, I was Dr. Alan Grant and my husband was Dr. Ian Malcolm for Halloween, so I’m throwing that in for good measure. Thank you all, as always!!