Janna Grace's latest update for The Talkers are Talking

Oct 19, 2017

Hello everyone!!

 I apologize for the disappearing act- I was waiting to be able to announce two pieces of good news! Still waiting on one, but in the meantime I am so happy to announce that The Talkers are Talking received an Honorable Mention in the Launch Pad Competition! I had submitted the first 50 pages of my original  (very rough) draft for the feedback option of the contest- I have heard so many opposing ideas about that chunk that I wanted to see what the professionals would say as I come to final edits....and somehow that rough first draft made its way to the final list!  So- will be in touch if anything comes of it. In the meantime, you can check it out and all of the other amazing projects here:


As for the project itself - we are getting there I promise! Waiting on a few more developmental edits and then I will be moving to what I hope to be the final draft! I apologize for how long it’s taking, but I really do want to make sure the final version is the best it can be. Thank you as always for your support and keep an eye out for some more exciting news in the next few weeks!

Thanks so much and Happy Halloween!