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The prologue to this book is brilliant! Warm, cold, human, monstrous...perhaps the best word to describe the climax of the prologue is "Bone-Chilling"!

Out of curiosity, what inspired the family dynamic of Knight vs. Necromancer, with a father and daughter taking part in two seemingly contradictory professions?
My dreams are written in words  an access to Fiza Hasan · Author · added almost 4 years ago
This is a really great beginning to your book, and enough to attract any reader! I really enjoyed it! Great work! If you could offer advice for my book, "In Warm Blood," and what I should do to speed up the funding process, that would be great!

Thank you,

Fiza H.

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Hey folks, Adam here!

 I wanted to take a moment to talk about REVIEWS…  and how for a young writer with his first book, how important they are to getting a career off the ground.

 We’re hoping that by now, you’ve had a chance to read The Knight Proper (and naturally, you loved it!), so we’d like to ask you to (please!) take 3 minutes and go to our AMAZON PAGE to leave a quick and easy review of what you thought. Quite simply, the more people who review our book, the greater chance that other people will buy it… and I can continue to write more awesome books (and eat something else besides Top Ramen). And for everyone who’s already left a review, a big THANK YOU, we’re truly grateful for all of you!

 With as much appreciation as I can muster (it’s a lot!),  


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Way to go, guys!!!!

Zombies, Knights, Witches, Cantankerous Bards, Vengeful Daughters and Over-Protective Dads…  put all this together and you get Fantasy Books HQ’s Best Fantasy Book for August 2016!!!


Also, a quick update for our backers, for those of you who haven’t received the paperback version yet, they should now be on their way (thanks, Inkshares!) and kindle/electronic versions should be available for download shortly – and Southern California friends, don’t forget our book launch/signing this Saturday, August 13th, at Barnes and Noble in Chino Hills, from 2 pm - 4 pm!

Ahem! It’s been brought to our attention that some of our backers who ordered paperback versions of the The Knight Proper received instead the equally awesome book, Women Like Us, which yes, you should read as well, but alas, not what you ordered. We’ll be in touch with Inkshares to figure out a remedy ASAP... in the meanwhile, I’m already on chapter 3, nice work, Jason Pomerance

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REALLY great interview! Super stoked to get my book! Congrats guys!

Adam Greven reveals all!! Well, not ALL, but like, a good chunk concerning everyone’s favorite new fantasy book (indulge us here), The Knight Proper! You can check it out here! 

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Fantastic news!  Was this part of the Quill package or did you wangle it through your own schemings?  If you have one in London I’ll be there!

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