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Tossed together by fate, a Thai-American enchanter, a fugitive nurse and her Antichrist daughter must delve into Chicago’s local Monster community and save a wayward Changeling from a life of Fae crime.
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What everyone else is saying: the writing strikes a wonderful balance between good characterization, witty prose and solid world-building, seamlessly revealed through very human, natural interactions between Ryn, Sara and the others.
A soldier who has lost his faith must prevent an evil god’s return without becoming the pawn of a sentient sword that would use him to commit genocide. If he fails, the witch he loves will sacrifice herself to save his soul and countless innocents.
Wonderful imagery that blends the fantastic and everyday together at the seams...and a humor driven by absurdly human character. Plus, it's got witch that make monsters explode!
To finish training as a witch, young Alice Inkling of Wonderland must aid an Earther city with her magical talents. Armed with her spells, wits, and new ally Corinne the Intern, Alice will face criminal mysteries, illegal magic, and escaped monsters.
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