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Tossed together by fate, a Thai-American enchanter, a fugitive spy and her Antichrist daughter must delve into Chicago’s local Monster community and save a wayward Changeling from a life of Fae crime.
A smoke spirit and sword-maiden wander over beast-blasted plains and through haunted forests of pine, seeking the path to the Holy City. The road is long, and demons dog their tracks.
Books Aldo Recommends
A wonderful opening premise that cleverly combines dark fairy tale magic with post-apocalyptic dystopia. You really feel the desperation of the main characters as they scramble for survival and hope for something better...
In a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by mystical spirits, a human sacrifice ritual goes wrong and a young woman named Seycia must navigate the dangers of the Underworld to protect the family she left behind from beyond the grave.
A wonderful blend of phantasmogorical imagery, bone-chilling evil and weary nobility. There is somber beauty in both the heroes and villains, and I can't wait to read more about their doings!
A young princess and others must band together to save their world from imminent ecological collapse in this fantasy-adventure story, reminiscent of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Herbert’s Dune.
This book hooks you in from the very first chapter––not with a dramatic depiction of a spaceship or planet, but with a set of fascinating, hard-nosed characters with deadly skills and troubled pasts. The more you read, the more you want to learn!
Ghosts of War: Retribution is a fast paced science fiction thriller that takes you beyond the edge of the galaxy to answer one question, how far will a man go for revenge?
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