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Tossed together by fate, a Thai-American enchanter, a fugitive spy and her Antichrist daughter must delve into Chicago’s local Monster community and save a wayward Changeling from a life of Fae crime.
A smoke spirit and sword-maiden wander over beast-blasted plains and through haunted forests of pine, seeking the path to the Holy City. The road is long, and demons dog their tracks.
Books Aldo Recommends
A fascinating narrative about characters who are both human and more than human: uniquely synthetic and transcendent, yet still struggling with the same quandaries and questions as us readers! Also, there'll be epic giant robot battles down the line!
Cora, one of the last Sentinels, remains the last line of defense against an unknown enemy laying siege to her planet. Together with a handful of allies, Cora must find a way to protect the one thing this enemy had come to destroy - the humans.
A wonderful opening premise that cleverly combines dark fairy tale magic with post-apocalyptic dystopia. You really feel the desperation of the main characters as they scramble for survival and hope for something better...
In a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by mystical spirits, a human sacrifice ritual goes wrong and a young woman named Seycia must navigate the dangers of the Underworld to protect the family she left behind from beyond the grave.
A wonderful blend of phantasmogorical imagery, bone-chilling evil and weary nobility. There is somber beauty in both the heroes and villains, and I can't wait to read more about their doings!
A young princess and others must band together to save their world from imminent ecological collapse in this fantasy-adventure story, reminiscent of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Herbert’s Dune.
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