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Mike X Welch

Proud member of  Curator of the Passageways anthology. Author of ENANTIODROMIA - collected stories. Visit for details. 
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A lost spirit in Madagascar seeks to guide his descendants to his body so he can finally be free
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Great dialogue! Looking forward to this sequel to The Bane of all Things.
Religious unrest inflames the Kingdoms. Ships of war rain death from the skies. Mad gods seek their vengeance. And the will of the Sword won’t be denied. For Ryn and Josalind, the murder of an innocent and the sacrifice of family may be inevitable.
With just a few sentences, Spence Dobias establishes that we are now firmly in a world of her creation - one that is unmistakably the domain of the narrator's grandma. We are immediately under her spell.
A West Virginia woman must use her grandmother’s Appalachian folk magic to save her ex from an opioid overdose.
Can't wait to see the further adventures of Abbie in the Otherworld! Meissner does Fantasy right!
Eight years after returning from the Otherworld Abbie Brown has to go back, this time on purpose, when her parents go missing.
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