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I love the premise!
Jack is given the chance to travel beyond the grave to say goodbye to his murdered wife. There is a price to pay. His wife’s dead killer will take over his body to gain redemption.  Then Jack wants to return.
Had me at 'Bastard' and cemented things with 'Drunk.'
Two travellers. One haunted town. A secluded pub. A bastard drunk. Hanson Hutchison’s tales of Kramusville have captured the hearts of travellers for many years. His repertoire is extensive, and tonight’s guests are particularly sceptical.
Astonishingly self-assured writing. A better Blade Runner than the recent sequel, in my opinion. This is fantastic sci-fi noir reading.
A private fixer battles corporate operatives and his own anxieties as he tracks down a missing orphan who may hold the key to immortality.
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