Moxxi Christopher Magnuson · Reader · added 12 months ago
Are there any updates on this book? I’m hoping it’s still coming along.
My dreams are written in words  an access to Fiza Hasan · Author · added about 4 years ago
    That’s fine, you want to polish your novel to the best of your ability and I understand. True, I joined like a month ago, but I’m really liking it here. If you check my novel, I would really appreciate that. All the help I can get in accomplishing my dream is very much needed. I will be forever grateful to all my readers!
Pa240021 Erin S. Evan · Author · added about 4 years ago
thank you! I’m an unusual case- it usually doesn’t take this long, but its my own fault haha. i also wish you the best of luck! Inkshares is a great company to work with and they make amazing products! I’m going to check out your novel right now :-)
My dreams are written in words  an access to Fiza Hasan · Author · edited about 4 years ago
Oh, sounds good! I wish you the best of luck. I’m interested in learning more about the process, because right now I am also trying to fund for my novel, "In Warm Blood."
Pa240021 Erin S. Evan · Author · added about 4 years ago
Not yet! I’m still in the drafting stage (on the 5th draft :-)) I’ve been working closely with Inkshares on the story, taking novel writing classes, etc (I’m a non-fiction writer by trade so this is all new to me!) But I’m submitting the most recent version in about 2 weeks so fingers crossed its the best version yet and we can move to copy editing :-) Thanks for your interest! It will be very soon I hope!
My dreams are written in words  an access to Fiza Hasan · Author · added about 4 years ago
  Has your novel still not been published yet?

What’s up Pirates!!

First and foremost, a meme because today marks the last Wednesday of 2016:

It’s been a long time since my last update! To be honest, the last few months have been a whirlwind of working on the manuscript, various supporting documents, etc, to get this book into production. Every time I started to write an update, something amazing happened that made me think, "I’ll finish this later so I can tell them more." As a new novel writer, it’s something I’ve never experienced before, but I’m very thankful for the Inkshares team’s support and encouragement. The Pirates of Montana is going to be amazing, and I’m really excited for you to read it!

I submitted my second rewrite just a few days ago, and I’ll be working over next 6 to 8 weeks to really tighten the manuscript. It’s already much stronger than what I originally worked on last May, and I’m very excited for where its going. I’ll be posting my new 1st and 2nd chapters very soon, so stay tuned!

As it stood on Christmas Eve, when I emailed this monster to Inkshares (their request, they are a hardworking bunch!), this is what I submitted:

88,796 total words and (although you can’t see it on the above graphic) 23 total chapters. That means that when printed, I guesstimate the book will be around ~350 pages long. Writing this document was a mixture of stress, joy, and excitement. I’m happy that the next big step has been taken! So is my family, who got really used to tiptoeing around me after 7 pm when I’d finally have time to work.

As it stands, the book will be published by September 2017. Yay! I’ve been proofing my back copy and bio, and we should have those finished in early January.  

Inkshares wrote a wonderful blog post about crowdfunding books. Please read it, as it explains the writing/editing/publishing process, including their timelines for authors (a.k.a ’Why is it taking a year to get my book?’): 


2016 wasn’t easy for a lot of people, myself included, but I KNOW that 2017 will be AMAZING, and it’s all thanks to you: your support, your encouragement, and your indefatigable tolerance of my dinosaur memes. 

Cheers to a wonderful 2017!


Pa240021 Erin S. Evan · Author · added over 6 years ago
Dead dog screen size Erin Butler · Author · added over 6 years ago
Triceratops: "Too soon, dude.  Too soon."

Excelsior Pirates!!

No real update, but today is apparently National Tell A Joke Day. Some dino humor for you:

Rock on Pirates. Rock on.  

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