Hello everyone,

Another quick update - I’ve been hard at work at SoF’s part two (sequel) and it will probably come out sometime during the summer! In the meantime, SoF still needs review! Tons and tons and tons of reviews. Please, if you’ve read the book, follow the link below and give me a review. Even if you hated it, even if you just want to say ’it was good,’ that’s all I need! 

Please lend me a hand here - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078WY92D5/ref=dp-kindle-redirect

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a wonderful March so far! Well, Storm of Fury has been out for two months, and I’ve been busying myself with work on a number of different projects, which I hope to unveil later this year.

In the meantime, how have you been enjoying Storm of Fury? I have a request for all of you if you wish to continue supporting me and my book. Reviews are the lifeblood of any book, especially on Amazon. When a book reaches a certain number of reviews, it has a better chance of being put into their algorithms, which will allow Amazon to suggest it to people. I need about fifty reviews to qualify, but SoF is currently sitting at 4.

So, I ask you, if you’ve finished SoF, please go here and leave a review! Whether you loved the book or hated it, I want to hear your thoughts! Please, take a few minutes to help me out and leave a review on Amazon.

Thank you so much!


Ladies and gentlemen...we are published!!

After four years of development, the first book of the Storm of Fury trilogy has been released! You can order it here on Inkshares or find it on Amazon! If you pre-ordered, you should already have your ebooks, and your physical copies have shipped out to you.

I want to thank everyone who supported me from the beginning of my campaign and endured the long road to publication. I can’t believe it’s finally here! I’ll have another update for you in a few weeks, detailing my next steps and how you can help bring Storm of Fury to new readers. In the meantime, thank you so much for everything, and enjoy the novel!


Andrew Wood

Storm of Fury eBook pre-orders are finally here!

While we’re still a week away from the official publication of SoF, and access to physical copies of the book, you can now download Storm of Fury from the email you received if you pre-ordered during the funding campaign two years ago. (Wow, two years? My, the time has flown by.) 

It’s staggering to be here, only a week away, and see these emails go out. Thank you for supporting me and my book; it’s been an incredible journey and it’s only just beginning. In the next few months, as I focus on marketing SoF, I’ll be working on the finishing touches for SoF’s second novel. (Technically, this trilogy was supposed to be one book, so the next two will come out pretty quickly.)

I’ll send out another message next week to celebrate the official publication! If you did not receive an email with the eBook, email me or dm me through Inkshares and I’ll see if we can fix the issue.

Thank you so much!

-Andrew Wood

Hello everyone! Long time no update, but with good reason! I’ve been busy working on a mountain of other projects while Storm of Fury made its slow way through the production process. But that is at an end, and the official publishing date for SoF is January 16th!

I’ll send another update next date with further details on prices and such, but in the mean time, thank you for your patience!


Andrew Wood

Good morning everyone,

First let me start off by once again thanking my backers. Your patience and support means everything to me, and you will not have to wait much longer. That’s right; Storm of Fury has a tentative publication date for January 16th! This means you should be receiving your book, the first of the SoF trilogy, on or around the week of the 16th. 

I’ll be working hard with Inkshares these next few months to provide you with the best book possible. Thank you again for your patience, and I can’t wait to get Storm of Fury to you!

And while we wait a little more, check out the next version of Storm of Fury’s cover. While this isn’t the final version, it’s very close, and reflects the new subtitle for the first book: Winds of Legend.

Talk to you all soon!



Hello everyone, 

I have big news today, both good and bad. For the good, Storm of Fury has finally entered production! While I still don’t have an official publishing date, the wheels are now in motion to make that happen, and I’m looking forward to working with Inkshares to finally bring this book to you! Thank you for your patience.

Now for the bad news...unfortunately, Inkshares is unwilling to publish Storm of Fury in its full form. Because of this, I’ve actually had to split my book into three separate novels, each around 100k words. So, the book I’m publishing now is Storm of Fury: Winds of Legend, part one of this trilogy. However, because you readers invested in a massive, epic fantasy book, I will make sure that you get the next two parts either free, or at a heavy discount, because you deserve to get the story you paid for. 

I do not know if I will be publishing the next two parts through Inkshares, but considering that they were part of a larger whole, they are basically ready to go. The next to novels will come out not long after SoF:WoL, so you won’t have to wait long.

The next time I’m here, I hope to have a publishing date for you, at last!

Thank you all for your continued support and patience,

Andrew Wood

Hello everyone, 

Bit of an announcement today; while I’m still waiting for production to begin on Storm of Fury, I’ve been busy with lots of other projects. Inkshares has recently launched their 2017 horror competition, and lo and behold, I have a horror anthology. Now, I’ve been deliberating on whether or not I should run a campaign to fund this book. I’d rather not go through all the stress and turmoil of a campaign if it doesn’t have a pretty decent chance at success. 

To this end, I want to call all of SoF’s readers come check out my anthology, Dark Snow. If you’re interested in reading/purchasing it, please follow the project. If we can reach 250 followers on Dark Snow before September 15th, then I will run Dark Snow in the contest!

Please check it out, and if you’re interested, follow and share!

Hello everyone, 

A brief announcment for today; one of my short stories, Devoured Expectations, is currently availbe for free on Patreon. Just follow the link below to read it in its entirety. And if you like the story, tell a friend, share it on social media, or even become a Patron of mine to enjoy my other stories! 


You can become a patron of mine for just $1 a month, which currently gives you access to over 50k words worth of stories!

Next time I reach out, I hope to have an update for Storm of Fury. Until then, thank you for your patience, and I hope this helps tide you over. 


Andrew Wood

Hello again,

I’m going to try and get monthly updates out to you guys, but in truth there still isn’t much to report. No news is good news, right? Right. Regardless, if what I’ve been hearing is correct, then production of Storm of Fury should begin sometime soon*. I’d like to reach out and say a quick thanks to everyone that has stuck with me so far.

Thank you. Your patience and support is appreciated more than you know, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that you get this awesome book you helped fund. It will happen, I promise. 


Andrew Wood

* - Sometime between now and when the Sun grows large enough to engulf us in a blazing inferno of inescapable death.

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