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Andrew Wood

A long time patron of reading and writing who is ready to make his mark on the literary world.
Andrew is the author of
For untold ages, Na’lek, creator of mankind, has tolerated the sins of his people. But no more. Soon, his Fury will pour over Lantrelia, wiping humanity from the face of existence. If brave heroes do not rise to challenge him, all hope is lost.
Kaven has uncovered a terrible truth, and now the whole world threatens to unravel into chaos. A new storm is coming, and if left unchecked, all will perish in the war that follows.
Books Andrew Recommends
With an intriguing opening, interesting subplots and dynamic characters, Far Flung is garunteed to be the Sci-Fi novel you've been waiting for! Pre-order this excellent book now to support the author in the Nerdist competition!
The crew of the Tereshkova were ready to establish the first colony in Tau Ceti, 12 light years from Earth. Instead, they are forced to survive in a distant galaxy as they search for a new home among the stars.
This super horror thriller needs out help! Let's get her some pre-orders!
Good and evil collide in this graphic horror thriller. Detective Jennifer Holden has a past that won’t let her ignore it. Her badge, gun & the lotto get her through each day. That is, until Fury Abatu shows up and possesses the good detective...
Only 16 days to get your hands on this horror novel by the excellent André Brun!
Peter Pan meets The King in Yellow. Ten strangers must band together and find a way to defeat Suelitta before they lose what is left of their sanity.
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