Rip is a member of the New York City Writers Room. He studied creative writing at the Harvard Extension School, led writers groups and won top prize for short fiction with an excerpt from his book.  He lives and works in New York City.
Ripbrownjr is the author of
A disillusioned engineer spends a summer working in the Dolomite Mountain Range in Italy where he discovers his creative side.
Books Ripbrownjr Recommends
I love the pre-amble. A woodsy foreboding slowly begins to encompass the reader with every step of the stranger, walking in solitude by Walden Pond, an immediate allusion to that other wanderer who sought solitude and escape, Thoreau.
A struggling crime reporter and a group of web sleuths race to solve a Jane Doe cold case before a retired serial killer learns he’s being investigated for the decades-old murder.
Love this style, the tongue in cheek narrator. Verges on the edges of a post-modern work except more readable. William Gaddis comes to mind. John Barth...
A territorial psychotherapist must find the murderer hunting his patients before the police pin the crimes on him.
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by Marilynne Robinson
by Jennifer Clement
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