Andrew Wood's latest update for Storm of Fury

Sep 8, 2017

Good morning everyone,

First let me start off by once again thanking my backers. Your patience and support means everything to me, and you will not have to wait much longer. That’s right; Storm of Fury has a tentative publication date for January 16th! This means you should be receiving your book, the first of the SoF trilogy, on or around the week of the 16th. 

I’ll be working hard with Inkshares these next few months to provide you with the best book possible. Thank you again for your patience, and I can’t wait to get Storm of Fury to you!

And while we wait a little more, check out the next version of Storm of Fury’s cover. While this isn’t the final version, it’s very close, and reflects the new subtitle for the first book: Winds of Legend.

Talk to you all soon!