Andrew Wood's latest update for Storm of Fury

Aug 16, 2017

Hello everyone, 

Bit of an announcement today; while I’m still waiting for production to begin on Storm of Fury, I’ve been busy with lots of other projects. Inkshares has recently launched their 2017 horror competition, and lo and behold, I have a horror anthology. Now, I’ve been deliberating on whether or not I should run a campaign to fund this book. I’d rather not go through all the stress and turmoil of a campaign if it doesn’t have a pretty decent chance at success. 

To this end, I want to call all of SoF’s readers come check out my anthology, Dark Snow. If you’re interested in reading/purchasing it, please follow the project. If we can reach 250 followers on Dark Snow before September 15th, then I will run Dark Snow in the contest!

Please check it out, and if you’re interested, follow and share!