Thank you for purchasing Sorcery for Beginners. I wanted to point you to a new project I’m working on called YOU ARE A FILMMAKER. It’s a fun choose-your-own-career-path book for adults, currently funding on Kickstarter:


Featuring over 100 endings, YOU ARE FILMMAKER allows you to live out all your dreams of making it in the movie business. You may become an Oscar-winning director, marry a movie star, join a cult, or get killed by a cocaine-crazy producer. There are also celebrity cameos, secret endings, and twists worthy of M. Night Shyamalan.

We’re running the Kickstarter campaign to pay for artists to illustrate at least 20 of the novel’s endings. We’ve been selected as a Kickstarter "Project We Love" and have hit 74% of our funding in less than ten days. There are also great bonuses for backers, such as a free memoir of my time in the film business, story consultation sessions, and even a personalized tour of Hollywood. 

Thanks again for your support, and I hope to see you behind the backer wall!

590fff0c d451 467e b8f9 31124d878280 Elise Parry · Reader · added over 2 years ago
[url=https://www.inkshares.com/books/sorcery-for-beginners/]It[/url] https://www.inkshares.com/books/sorcery-for-beginners/">;sounds; interesting
Jqqhmizz Aldo Salt · Author · added over 4 years ago
A brilliant introduction and a fascinating format. The struggle between wondrous sorcerers and coldly rational Euclidians evokes the themes of childhood vs. adulthood, imagination versus dullness, self-expression vs. conformity...with small hints that the main conflict isn’t so simple.

21a1c1a2 1db7 43a7 af61 f287ee0f2e6a S.T. Ranscht · Author · added about 5 years ago

Friends, Readers, and Sorcerers All,

It has been a busy month here at the Codex Arcanum! We had five book events in the last three weeks, and so many people came out to show their support. We sold out at several events, and recently passed over 2000 copies sold! Not bad for less than a month in release. 

But the best part of all has been seeing everyone post pictures of their books, and watching young readers enjoy them. It really does make it all worth it. 

But we have another favor to ask. The Goodreads Choice Awards are currently accepting submissions for 2017. SORCERY FOR BEGINNERS wasn’t an official selection (boo), but they accept write-in candidates (yay!). So if you could go to the link below, scroll down to the bottom, type in SORCERY FOR BEGINNERS in the write-in box, and hit VOTE, then we can magic our way into the running!


As an indie book, we need all the visibility we can get. It takes less than 10 seconds and we really, really appreciate it! Thanks for all the support --


Friends, Readers, and Sorcerers All,


As you know, we had some delays at the printer, but last week we finally got to see the finished books in person, and they are gorgeous.


I was a teeny bit excited. Then yesterday, I traveled up to Inkshares HQ in Oakland and signed 300+ copies to be sent to you. As an extra thank you, I included a special bookmark Juliane the illustrator made just for backers. 

I’ll be honest, I got a little emotional seeing all those books on the table. All those pre-orders -- your pre-orders -- are what led to my first book being published. And now it’s out there in the world, and people seem to be enjoying it. Check out some of our satisfied fans:

If you enjoy the book, let us know! Post a picture on social media, and please leave us a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Every review, even a couple words, helps make the book more visible.

Thanks again for your support. Truly, we couldn’t have gotten here without you.


Friends, Readers, and Sorcerers All,

First off, an apology. A few readers had issues with the Kindle files that went out last week. The Inkshares team quickly fixed the problem, and new e-files will be sent to everyone later today. 

Secondly, books are being printed! There was a slight snafu with the covers so physical copies will be shipping the week of October 17. This has been a tricky book to format and finish, so again, our apologies for the delay. I think you’ll be happy with the finished product, though. 

To thank you for your patience, we’ve put together a special treat that will be included with your physical book when it ships. (Extra thanks to our illustrator Juliane, who did all the work.) Here it is:

Once you read the book, you’ll get the full significance of this bookmark. For now, I’ll just say there’s a secret code on it that’s key to our heroes finding the Codex Arcanum bookstore.

Finally, we’ve had some more great reviews! GeekMom praised the "compelling, engaging characters" and said you should "plan on reading the book twice." Nivi really got the spirit of what we were going for, and this is my favorite review so far.

Also, Ohio.com gave us a nice shout-out, calling the illustrations "refreshing" and the story "exciting and humorous." 

Hard to believe it, but we’re one week away from our first book events! Both Juliane and I will be at the Westlake, OH Barnes & Noble on Friday, October 13 at 7 PM EST, and at Magic Tree Books in Oak Park, IL on Saturday, October 14 at 4PM CST. If you’re in the area, we’d love to see you!

Thank you all again for your support and patience. Keep posting those reviews and pics of the book on social media, it means a lot to us!


Yble Kat Bat · Reader · added about 5 years ago
Got the notice that I could download it, but when I click the link it tells me that I don’t have access to it.  Is the ebook release delayed?

Friends, Readers, and Sorcerers All,

Yesterday, you should have received an email that looks like this:

Yes, it’s finally here! Many of you backed this book a year ago, and the finished e-copies have been sent at last. Physical copies will be shipping sometime in the next week or two. We put a lot of love into the finished product, and I can’t wait for you to see it.

But I need to ask for one more favor. Once you’ve read the book (or while you’re reading it, we don’t judge), if you could leave a review on Goodreads and Amazon, it will make a huge difference to us. I’m told that once a book has 100 reviews on Amazon, their algorithm makes it much more noticeable to website visitors. So that’s our goal: 100 reviews!

I can’t thank you all enough. Sorcery for Beginners is my debut novel, and it exists because of your support. I hope you enjoy it!

Friends, Readers, and Sorcerers All,

We are officially one month away from the publication day for Sorcery for Beginners! I know it seems like forever since I first started bugging you about this project, but we’re almost to the finish line. As we head into the home stretch, I have a few more updates for you. 

First, Sorcery for Beginners was selected as a Booklist Notable YA Book for Fall 2017. Since there are literally thousands of YA books publishing this fall, it’s very humbling that we were included among the likes of Philip Pullman (!), Patrick Ness, and Rick Riordan. 

Secondly, we have another book event confirmed! This one is in our beloved San Francisco, so we’ll be bringing the whole family and making a weekend trip of it. If you live in the Bay Area, it would be great to see you!

18 November, 2017, 2 pm - 5pm 
Books, Inc. SF Opera Plaza

Finally, Inkshares made a little video of me talking about the book. You can check it out below. Feel free to share on various social media platforms. This is a grassroots campaign we’re running, so any exposure is huge for us. Thanks again for all your support!



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