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Kevin O’Coffey

Author/Illustrator of Kingdom of Dreams: Recommended for fans of Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Stroud, Tim Burton, and ’80s super fantasies like The Neverending Story, Labyrinth, and The Dark Crystal.
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When an outcast teen fights back against his tormentors by unwittingly casting a forbidden hex that releases his worst nightmare, he must journey to the Kingdom of Dreams and complete an epic quest to restore balance.
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Mission 51 has great potential. It spins its yarn with a strong authentic voice full of promise. Count me in!
After a tragic, fifty light-year voyage, sole survivor Zeemat crash lands on a beautiful, sometimes hostile alien world... the planet Earth!  Mission 51 is an immigrant story that is out of this world!
I love original ideas with simple yet complex primaces. There is promising potential here!
An anxiety prone exterminator believes vermin are stalking him. Strange sounds from inside his walls. Crawling sensations under the sheets at night. Snide rats heckling him from the shadows. Low on patience and medication, he decides to fight back.
I’m all in on this one. Well written, hysterical, this deserves a place on the shelf. What’s not to like? Well, let’s talk about that. I think that for one--Crap! You got me monologuing, too! Okay, okay. I give up. I will submit to your pre-sale whims.
An amateur super hero with the power to force others to monologue, a down on his luck thug running from his past and one of the newest members of the world’s largest superhero organization must join forces to overcome a threat to the entire world.
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