Now that we’re one month into release for "Skavenger’s Hunt," I wanted to send you all a quick update. Following the incredible amount of support both this summer and fall, along with the strong word of mouth from early readers, I’m happy to say the book’s debut has exceeded my most hopeful expectations.

Most gratifying, of course, has been the notes and reviews from you, the reader. When I set out to write this book, it was with the intent of telling a story I’d be proud to share with my grandchildren (like Harper and Jack below, apparently Hunter was off in the Cars 3 section). But seeing it receive such strong response not only from the middle reader and YA crowd, while also spreading its wings to adult readers, has been the very best holiday gift I could have imagined. 

So again...thank you! If you’ve read the book and enjoyed it, please take a moment to write a one or two sentence review on both amazon.com and goodreads.com. As a best-selling author told me a few months ago, "the only thing harder than writing a book is getting someone to read it."

Happy Holidays everyone!

Well...here we are: already speeding through November with what once seemed like a distant publishing release date for Skavenger’s Hunt now here. 

First of all, to those of you who ordered paperback copies of my first-ever novel, thank you! The shipment emails should have landed in your inbox by now, with the actual “hold in your hands and turn the pages” edition of the book on its way. To say I’m excited (along with honored, and humbled, and a laundry list of other descriptions) would be an understatement.

Early Thursday morning of this week, I flew down from Portland to Inkshares in Oakland, where the production team had stacked almost a thousand copies of the Hunt on a table, awaiting my signature. It was a task I was thrilled to tackle, even if my pen-grasping fingers got a little wobbly a few hours in. 

To our Grand Patrons of the book (those who received personalized inscriptions) please don’t hesitate to let me know if I got anything wrong. There’s certainly a chance, given the number of books signed, though I hope that’s not the case. 

And one more thing. Every time I finished signing a book, I’d pause for a second to let the ink dry...but I think I was also pausing for another reason. It was to remember how lucky I was that someone, perhaps a close friend, perhaps someone I didn’t even know, had decided to buy my book. 

Thanks for that. 

 I truly hope you enjoy the story that’s tucked in-between Will Staehle’s amazing cover. If you do, I’d be so appreciative of a short, quick review on key sites such as Amazon and GoodReads. And if you’re planning on giving the book as a gift to a middle-grade or YA reader, please extend them a special word from me. 


Happy E-Day everyone! Delivery of the premium paperback edition of "Skavenger’s Hunt" is right on schedule for the middle of this month, but if you ordered an e-book edition, you probably have a nice little surprise in your email inbox right now. 

Yup, the first emails with the various e-book files went out just this morning, which means you can pop the story of Henry Babbitt, Hunter S. Skavenger, Mattie, Ernie and Jack (along with a handful of historical figures from the late 1800’s) into your e-reader right away. As you can tell, I already went ahead and did so this morning...

So many of you have said you’re looking forward to reading the book, but know that I’M looking forward to you reading it just as much!

Oh, and by the way, in case you have any problems with the files, here’s some helpful info:

The PDF is straight-forward and simple...just like any PDF. Same goes for the EPUB, which is the one you’ll want to use for your iPad or iPhone. Just follow the directions in the email you received and it’ll open up easy as can be.

The Kindle is the only that sometimes gives readers a slight problem. If you have issues, I found that a really easy thing to do is email the file to your Kindle. Yep, that’s right, every Kindle has an email address. Just download the file to the desktop of your home computer, and then do the following:

1) Go to amazon.com/myk and sign in to your Amazon account. This will be your "Manage your Content and Devices" page. You’ll see three tabs, the far right one being "Settings." Scroll down to "Personal Document Settings" and find your Kindle. Next to it, you’ll see an email address. That’s your Kindle email address.

2) Plop your Skavenger’s Hunt file you just saved to your desktop into an email (as an attachment) and send it to your Kindle’s email address.

Simple as that. After a few seconds, it’ll download to your Kindle just like any other Kindle purchase. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any problems. And if you enjoy the read as much as I hope you do, please go to the Skavenger’s Hunt Amazon webpage and leave a short review, even if it’s just a sentence or two. Amazon reviews are critically important to the success of any book.

Most importantly, though...I sincerely hope you enjoy the story! Drop me a note to let me know what you think!

Thanks, all...


To all of you who’ve already been such great supporters of my upcoming debut novel, "Skavenger’s Hunt," I’m happy to say we’re closing in on the finish line. Everything’s good-to-go for our November 14th pre-holiday-season release date, with the printer about to push the button on our very first round of books. Today’s update, though, is one I’ve been looking forward to sending your way for quite awhile now, because I get to give you the first-ever look at the last component of the book itself: Will Staehle’s flat-out amazing cover. 

You’ve seen the front cover for awhile now; which, in my opinion, was so good we could have simply placed a blank cover on the back and we would have been okay. But, no surprise, Will reached into his bag of designing talent and pulled out a SECOND image that staggered me: a silhouette time-traveling image of the story’s main character, young Henry Babbitt, tumbling through an hour-glass from present-day New York on Christmas Eve, into summer-drenched New York from long ago. July 10th, 1885, to be exact, where the lion’s share of the adventurous story takes place.

Will - I’m grateful to you for giving my first book such a fantastic look. I’m dead-honest when I say it’s one of the best book covers I’ve seen in a long, long time, and I’m beyond thankful that it’s on mine. Thanks to Adam Gomolin who had the intuition to bring Will onboard. Thanks as well to Oscar-winning producer Mark Johnson, to the Wibberleys (writers of the film "National Treasure") and to Ocean’s 13 writer Brian Koppelman (creator of Showtime’s "Billions") for their incredible blurbs in support of the project. 

To all of you, the early backers of "Skavenger’s Hunt," stay tuned as we approach that November 14th release date, because I’ll be out pushing the book every opportunity I can get. And a special thanks to Inkshares marketing wiz Angela Melamud for helping spread the word. We’ll keep everyone posted on the when-and-where of bookstore reading-and-signing events. 

Until then, hope you enjoy this look at Will’s cover, which you’ll be holding in your hands just a few weeks from now. The "Hunt" is about to begin...

5hl9zurt Mike Rich · Reader · added over 3 years ago
Deborah - Wow, thank you so much for sending this news my way! That makes my day. I’m grateful to all the syndicate members for taking such a strong interest in Skavenger’s Hunt. I’m looking forward to everyone getting a chance to read it.
Rsk0k4ja Deborah Munro · Author · added over 3 years ago
Congratulations, Mike, on being selected for the Rites of Passage Syndicate, which supports talented new authors. I’m excited to get a copy of your book!

Quick update to all of the many early and generous supporters of Skavenger’s Hunt.

An interesting thing is happening with these initial pre-sales. Teachers, especially middle and high school educators, are ordering it. As a writer, that’s incredibly gratifying. A key part of the foundation of Skavenger’s Hunt is that it’s packed with colorful, charismatic historical figures and landmarks from more than a century ago; all part of an adventurous time-travel origin story surrounding the first, and greatest, scavenger hunt ever held. 

Do me a favor...if you know a teacher, send this info along to them, and have them do the same once they’ve had a chance to find out what the story’s all about. Let’s see what happens.

Also, we’re into production! Plenty of updates to come throughout the summer as we head toward our November release. And, as always, thank you for being the first onboard. 


Userphoto1 original Jruscoe113 · Reader · added over 3 years ago
All the kids get one for Christmas this year! Glad to support you in this new endeavor, Mike (Richie)! No doubt, they’ll all love what you’ve written! Good luck with future sales as well! I’ve posted the link to my Facebook page, and will figure out how to do the same for my Twitter friends! Cheers to a huge success! 🍷🍷🍷
Batten003 web400px Robert Batten · Author · added over 3 years ago
Congratulations Mike!

To all of you who offered your amazingly strong support to my upcoming novel, Skavenger’s Hunt, a heartfelt thank you this morning. Last night, we hit our pre-order goal of 750 copies, which means we are now a full go for production and publication by November of this year. Thanks to each one of you, we hit that mark much quicker than I could have ever imagined. 

No matter where the journey leads from here, I will always consider you to be the early trailblazers that made it all possible. Please continue to spread the word about our little story (and it is OURS) as we head into these next few all-important months. 

Today, though, I’m celebrating. Celebrating the overwhelming backing you’ve given to Henry Babbitt, Hunter S. Skavenger, Jack, Matilda and Ernie (all characters you’ll get to know this November). 

In the meantime, for now, I’ll wrap up with where I started. I’m so very grateful to each one of you.

Let the Hunt begin...


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