Mike Rich's latest update for Skavenger’s Hunt

Jul 6, 2017

To all of you who offered your amazingly strong support to my upcoming novel, Skavenger’s Hunt, a heartfelt thank you this morning. Last night, we hit our pre-order goal of 750 copies, which means we are now a full go for production and publication by November of this year. Thanks to each one of you, we hit that mark much quicker than I could have ever imagined. 

No matter where the journey leads from here, I will always consider you to be the early trailblazers that made it all possible. Please continue to spread the word about our little story (and it is OURS) as we head into these next few all-important months. 

Today, though, I’m celebrating. Celebrating the overwhelming backing you’ve given to Henry Babbitt, Hunter S. Skavenger, Jack, Matilda and Ernie (all characters you’ll get to know this November). 

In the meantime, for now, I’ll wrap up with where I started. I’m so very grateful to each one of you.

Let the Hunt begin...