Mike Rich's latest update for Skavenger’s Hunt

Jul 13, 2017

Quick update to all of the many early and generous supporters of Skavenger’s Hunt.

An interesting thing is happening with these initial pre-sales. Teachers, especially middle and high school educators, are ordering it. As a writer, that’s incredibly gratifying. A key part of the foundation of Skavenger’s Hunt is that it’s packed with colorful, charismatic historical figures and landmarks from more than a century ago; all part of an adventurous time-travel origin story surrounding the first, and greatest, scavenger hunt ever held. 

Do me a favor...if you know a teacher, send this info along to them, and have them do the same once they’ve had a chance to find out what the story’s all about. Let’s see what happens.

Also, we’re into production! Plenty of updates to come throughout the summer as we head toward our November release. And, as always, thank you for being the first onboard.