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In the megacity Urb, Avrahim’s life is good. He has a prestigious job, a prestigious address, and an even more prestigious wife, but when he finds his life’s work - and his life -  have been co-opted for nefarious plans, he decides to take them back.
What would you do if you were the only person who could stop a madman bent on rewriting the world? Jacob has a plan.
Books Andrea Recommends
Great characters, a well-developed plot and the strong voice and feel of a classic, Christie-esque whodunit, Murder at the Vet is a must read, not only for those who love mysteries, but for those who appreciate good novel-craft.
When the newest member of Eric Peterkin’s London club is found stabbed to death, Eric throws himself into a quest for the truth: missing nurses, morphine addiction, shell shock. The Great War is over, but the memories remain...
A hardboiled crime thriller in the setting of ubiquitous human cloning, “Upload” brings a classic noir feel to a decidedly hard science story. Pick up a copy today. This one deserves to see the light of publication.
It’s 7:48 in the morning, I haven’t even had my coffee yet, and I’m watching as they’re hauling my body out of the river. I’m an Upload, a clone. They’ve mapped my genes, replicated my DNA, made a copy, and now I need to solve my own murder.
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