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Karr Leroy

Part-time human being. Dropped a full ride scholarship to a Jedi academy because of her love for Vogon poetry which, of course, is the third worst in the universe. I also collect cats.
Karr is the author of
A plan has been predestined for him as a Mage. But he has something more adventurous in mind.
Long ago the world was alive. The Equator, a mythical oasis, awaits the beyond deadly biome.
Books Karr Recommends
While I'm not a big fan of prologues, Jacob Browning pulls you in with a classic dark vs light intrigue. Epic Fantasy demands great fight scenes, in which 'The Spark Internal' delivers without fail!
After a vision of darkness brings him face to face with an ancient evil, a member of the Qivar takes actions into his own hands. Meanwhile, fate brings a band of broken warriors together where they must find their strength in each other to survive.
Ah, Epic Fantasy, how I've missed thee! Joseph Keeler, from the first opening line, hooks you on the classic Fantasy genre and does it well. Prologues are rarely needed, but that being said it wasn't boring. The read is fun, engaging and fantastical!
Aellor is in peril. The Darkness is sprouting from the ashes of the past. The world cries out for a savior and one who can shine bright in the dark days to come. The light is fading fast, and everything hinges on the Prophecies of Aellor.
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