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The Three Little Men in the Woods

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In the wintertime,
in a paper dress
strawberry picking,
with a crust of bread
to last her the day,
slim were her pickings.

The three little men
watched her as she went
strawberry picking.
They welcomed her in,
what she had she gave
(slim though her pickings).

They gave her a broom,
sent her out the back
strawberry picking;
blessed her pretty face,
made her word as gold
(kings for the picking).

In the wintertime,
in a thick fur coat
“strawberry picking,"
with a picnic feast
to last her the day,
rich were her pickings.

The three little men
saw her as she came
“strawberry picking;"
made herself at home,
did not think to share
(rich though her pickings).

They offered the broom.
She went out confused,
saw not the pickings.
How they cursed her face,
made each word to croak,
Death for the picking.

Once a king went out,
found a lovely maid
(word as good as gold),
took her home to live
as his rightful queen
(joyful their wedding).

Then the sister showed,
thought to take her “due:"
croaking betrayed her;
King got back his wife,
sister lost her life
(not quick at thinking).

Still the tale is told:
word as good as gold?
Kings for the picking!
Ever of good cheer
though hard be the year?
Strawberry picking! 

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