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The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage

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Too much well-being
makes for discontent.
All it takes is just
one seed called Doubt to
fill your Paradise
with weeds. This who hunt
should hunt and those who
care should care and those
who cook should cook. All
it takes is just one
seed from Jealousy
to put your house in
disarray. Once a
bird and a mouse
a sausage kept house:
the bird flew to the 
forest each day to
gather wood; the mouse
carried the water
and made the fire
and set the table;
the sausage did the
cooking and slithered
himself through the soup
or veg’table once
or twice for flavor.
Then a second bird,
a friend to the first,
whispered, “Laziness"
in the first bird’s ear.
The first thought Wise what
the second had said
and gave his friends no
rest till they all swapped
chores: the sausage went
for wood and got eat
up: the mouse boiled his
own bones clean; the bird
was confused and let
the house burn as he
fell in the well with
the bucket and drowned.
Do your job. Do it 
well. Never let tell
that when balance is
found you can do still
better; turning your
home-life upside down.
Too much well-being
makes for discontent. 

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