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The Frog King, or Iron Heinrich

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Where are your sisters?
Must be here somewhere
to warrant mention
from the very start,
but where did they go?
Why leave you alone?
Were they sick of the
sun’s surprise each dawn
to see your beauty?
Jealous of the gold
you keep as plaything,
while they train to wed?
Is that the reason
you sought not council,
made yourself forget
the promise you gave
to the old splasher?
Did you not think they
would take pity on
their own small sister
tricked by his wit and 
her own innocence
to welcome him home
and take all the blame
when the king should hear?
Poor child! Take no more
of jealousy, tricks,
and blame; but raise up
yourself to woman
and cast away all
that torments you so.
Put, you, all to rest
with a single blow
against waiting wall.
Know what you can give
and all you can take
and after that stop
offending mouths’ speech
with final action.
Cast off tyranny
and - saving yourself -
blaze a trail for those
seeking liberty.
Oh! Yet falter not
when tiny tyrants
change and seek your hand.
Forgiveness and peace
may ask much too much,
demanding the cede
of all unmet seeds.
Care not his seeming 
return to goodness
has freed a heart of 
pangs all iron-bound.
Love is often shown
to dwell in blindness
and see not the faults,
the darkness swelling
just behind the eyes.

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