Rose Jermusyk

Storyteller. Grew up under a rock shaped like Bill Murray. Small daily attempts at building a better world through http://Better-Storytelling.com
Rose is the author of
Janie is a ghost stuck quoting GHOSTBUSTERS. Taylor is a werewolf who won’t let a little thing like death stop her from flirting. Ruth is a reaper out for the blood of her own guilt. Can these three sisters-in-arms each learn to move on?
The MASTER CAT method for living happily ever out there (because fairy tales are far, far away from irrelevant)
A guided journal for questing the crap out of your daily life. AVAILABLE NOW under the title The Four Gifts You Carry at https://gum.co/TheFourGiftsYouCarry
Once upon a time the three hands of a clock started all at the same point. How much magic did they see from one second to the next til they all met once more?
Humble beginnings, stories of old for modern times, endings happy and sad and everywhere along the spectrum in between.
Ever heard of "variations on a theme" in music? Meet the theme around which my head spins. Sometimes in world-building you have to invent a religion or two. Since every religion needs a holy book, here’s one for all.
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