Rose Jermusyk

Storyteller. Grew up under rock shaped like Bill Murray. Celebrating National Poetry Month: http://inkshares.com/books/seconds-vol-1/
Rose is the author of
The MASTER CAT method for living happily ever out there (because fairy tales are far, far away from irrelevant)
Janie’s a ghost, stuck quoting GHOSTBUSTERS, and out to stop her killer. Assuming of course her sister doesn’t kill the vampire whose just trying to help.
Once upon a time the three hands of a clock started all at the same point. How much magic did they see from one second to the next til they all met once more?
Ever heard of "variations on a theme" in music? Meet the theme around which my head spins. Sometimes in world-building you have to invent a religion or two. Since every religion needs a holy book, here’s one for all.
Writing experiments and tragic elements.
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