Andrew Fantasia

I’ve been writing since I was old enough to know how a pencil worked.  I don’t want to tell stories that just fit into genres; I want to tell the kinds of stories that create NEW ones.
Andrew is the author of
A swashbuckling adventure/romance set in a world that operates via the crazy rules of video games. Spryte & Pixel are the happiest couple in Arcadia, until a kidnapping forces them to re-think everything they know about themselves...and each other.
Adventure romance set in a world that operates on the rules of video game logic.
Books Andrew Recommends
An awesome title, an awesome book...get on this!!
Surviving abuse leaves no soul unscathed, and this is especially true of Ptielieren, an elite elvish bodyguard involuntarily integrated into an aversive-heavy culture.  Strength can exist absent a ringing victory and weakness does not signify defeat.
This sexy book blends horror & sci-fi like peanut butter and chocolate.
For years something has been lurking in Cape’s Side Bay. When the truth is revealed questions of mankind’s existence begin to be raised, and their worst fears are about to be realized.
Books Andrew recently read
by George Orwell
by Ernest Cline
by Alice Sebold
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