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Mary’s Child

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The Mother Mary,
Most High though lowly,
took you on to live as
Her own child with the
angels for playmates.
Your schooling was all
virtue standing to
holding your little hand.
Oh! By what door did
Pride get in? Is Pride
the proper name when
curious you sought
and saw the Glory
of the Living God?
Was pride the sin that
hushed frightened lips or
For Mother Mary
did never say your
would be punished, but
you would be sorry
if you did not heed.
So with quickened heart
and finger golden
and one lie to tell
when She asked for Truth,
you were sent back to
live in wilderness
until the day came
when Love would enter 
in your heart and give
again the question.
She took a son and
took a son and took
your daughter, too. Yet
still you would deny
the Truth even when
promised a return
of all into the 
kingdom Love had built.
No punishment to 
fear and yet husband
and children were not
enough to undo
the one lie you told.
Only Flames - your own
physical pain - could
make you see your won
fragility of
body, make you seek
some absolution.
The Mother Mary
is ever-loving,
forgiving of all;
but, do you know your
true confessions? You
love family, yes,
but your self the best. 

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