Just a quite note to all backers who purchased copies of SADIE MCGRADY. We’re sorry to hear that some of you haven’t received your books yet — no fault of Mary Parry’s at all. The books were held at customs for over a week, which delayed book shipments to our office. This is rare, but when it happens, we just have to wait it out until they’re released. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. Most of you should have already received copies, but for those who haven’t, please feel free to email us at hello@inkshares.com and we’ll look into your order.

Angela Melamud
Assistant Director, Marketing & Publishing Operations

Sadie Fans,

By now, each of you should have received your pre-ordered copies of Sadie McGrady Runs for President. Please let me know if your order has not yet arrived. Show yours off to local librarians, teachers, Girl Scout leaders, and others who may not have heard about this exciting new candidate!

GET YOUR BOOKS SIGNED - SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23rd from 3-5pm at FLYLEAF BOOKS in CHAPEL HILL. I’ll be collecting new and gently used children’s books for Book Harvest too, so stop by with your donations and say hello. Do some birthday or holiday shopping while you’re there - so many great books to enjoy! 

If you’re outside the Triangle area and would like your books signed, send me an e-mail at maryswannparry@att.net and I’ll happily make arrangements. I really appreciate your support of this book!

Here are some fun photos taken from the "campaign trail" across North Carolina. Next stop, Chicago! The League of Women Voters is arranging for similar book events in Highland Park, Arlington Heights and Glenview over the weekend of October 29th. There will be school visits and several special events. Follow Sadie on Facebook and Twitter to watch the fun unfold. 


Book reviews really help - link below to share your views of our candidate:

Enjoy lots of reading time with your favorite little leaders and keep the pictures coming on social media!

Mary and Corey





Please take a minute to log into your Amazon account and leave Sadie a review. This helps our book’s rankings, which factor into how often Sadie will appear in search results.


  • Sadie offers a fun and kid-friendly look at life on the campaign trail and as an elected leader.
  • As a teacher, I love that the author offers lesson plans and activities on her website: www.MaryParry.com.
  • This book is full of girl power, with a courageous main character who faces her challenges head-on: a great read for girls and boys alike!
  • This book encourages kids to share their opinions, something my daughter struggles with. I’m happy she has a role model like Sadie to underscore the importance of practicing important leadership skills!
  • Talking about elections with kids isn’t always easy. This book offers two fun and fictional candidates to help parents and teachers talk about the campaign process in a kid-friendly way.
  • This book is all about leadership. It has the messages I like as a parent, and the fun my kids are looking for during storytime. 
  • I love that Sadie is also active on Facebook and Twitter through the author’s accounts. I can follow along with updates about the book, as well other empowering updates about kids and leadership.

Thanks so much for submitting your review as soon as you can. This is a great way to help Sadie reach as many little leaders as possible.

Mary & Corey


Sadie Fans - We Did It! Today is the official publication date for Sadie McGrady Runs for President - a day that wouldn’t have been possible without your early support. Your pre-ordered books are being shipped this week, so be on the lookout for your delivery soon. 

When your order arrives, snap a picture of your favorite little leaders with their copies and post them on our Facebook Page or tag us in your Twitter post. Let’s help our candidate gain some much-deserved attention as she hits the campaign trail, visiting independent bookstores across North Carolina.

Visit http://www.maryparry.com/news.html for a complete list of "campaign stops" and let your friends and teachers in these areas know about these upcoming events. Our campaign kick-off in Chapel Hill was a big hit!


Facebook users, click this link to find different event listings for each "campaign stop" - a quick and easy way to reach future Sadie fans: https://www.facebook.com/SadieMcGradyLeadingLady/events.

Drop by your local independent bookstore and ask them to feature Sadie McGrady Runs for President this election season. 

Let teachers and parents know about the new LESSON PLANS and ACTIVITIES now available at http://www.maryparry.com/downloads.html.

Let’s create some buzz for Sadie and encourage kids to set their leadership goals high!

Thank you,

Mary & Corey


Exciting news, Sadie Fans:

Your books are on the way! Hard copies have been printed and will be mailed to you within the next two weeks. They’re beautiful! We received a few preview copies and wanted you to be the first to see. This book will become available October 4th because of YOUR support. You were the first to believe in this fun and inspiring candidate. We can’t thank you enough. Keep reading to find out how you can help Sadie’s campaign take off.


1. Share our PRESS RELEASE with your contacts: media connections, librarians, teachers, bookstores - everybody!

2. Spread the word about Sadie’s book launch campaign across the state of North Carolina. Dates and locations are in the press release and on my author website:  http://www.maryparry.com/media.html. You can also invite your friends using Sadie’s FACEBOOK EVENTS - Chapel Hill and Charlotte events have been created. Facebook events for the other "campaign stops" are coming soon - keep checking back!

3. Ramp up the buzz about our candidate using social media. Take a picture of your books with your favorite little leaders and post them on Sadie’s Facebook Page! Share our posts - leave us comments - we love comments! Tag your friends and let them know how much you love the book. If you’re on Twitter, tag @Vote4Sadie and @Inkshares and include #Vote4Sadie.

I can’t think of a better time to be talking about leadership and civic engagement with the next generation of leaders.

Thanks again for your continued support of our candidate.  Go Sadie!

Mary & Corey

SADIE FANS: Today, Inkshares e-mailed each of you a download link for a sneak peek at the Sadie McGrady Runs for President eBook. It’s a little thank you for your early support of the book, helping us reach publication. After you read it, please link to this GOODREADS PAGE and help us generate some early ratings/reviews! 

Hardcover copies of Sadie McGrady Runs for President are coming your way in September. Once we reach the official publication date, October 4, 2016, we’ll be asking you to (pretty please) offer another review on Amazon.com. This will help Sadie reach more next generation leaders. 

Enjoy your eBook copy and thanks again for your awesome support!

Mary & Corey

Sadie Fans,

We’re starting to line up fall book events in anticipation of the Sadie McGrady Runs for President book release on October 4th. I’ll be back in touch soon with a list of venues, in hopes that you’ll be able to save a date to celebrate with us. In the meantime, please use your social media to help parents and grandparents connect with this new article I wrote for Huffington Post: 5 Ways to Help Girls Build Leadership Skills. Thanks and #GoSadie!

Hello Sadie Fans,

With cover and content finalized, Sadie McGrady Runs for President is off to the printer for our October 4, 2016 publication date. Featured on the book cover, we’re honored to include book endorsements from Dahlia Lithwick, Chief Legal Correspondent at Slate Magazine, and Catherine Stier, author of If I Ran for President. You can offer your own review - please do! Just look for the MORE ACCOLADES button on our Inkshares page!


Let your local bookstore know about Sadie McGrady Runs for President and keep spreading the word about Sadie’s candidacy on social media. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to our exciting book launch this fall.

Thanks for your continued support for this exciting, new candidate. Go Sadie!

Mary Parry & Corey Williams


Presenting the final cover for Sadie McGrady Runs for President...


We’re on track for our October 4, 2016 publishing date. Sadie’s supporters who helped us reach 1,000 pre-orders will be receiving their shipment earlier in the fall. In the meantime, we’re networking to gather endorsements from high profile individuals who want to see this fun, new candidate succeed. If you have connections you would like to share, e-mail Mary to make an introduction: maryswannparry@gmail.com. All readers are welcome and encouraged to share reviews on our Inkshares Page!

Up next - final image updates with some fun changes. I’ll let you know when those are live on Inkshares. In the meantime, keep spreading the word about Sadie’s candidacy on Facebook and Twitter!

Thanks again and GO SADIE!

Mary and Corey

S 4j oan Jesse and Sylvia Medlong · Author · added about 6 years ago
@Mary Parry: We like "Sadie McGrady for President." But they’re all good! :)

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