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Jesse and Sylvia Medlong

Daddy-daughter author duo. Sylvia’s 11; Jesse’s much older.
Jesse is the author of
Imbria is a world where imaginary friends come to life, and Otter is a little girl on a quest to imagine the perfect friend.
Books Jesse Recommends
So far it's very cool, I like the character of Vada a lot.
Vada never thought she was more than a thief. Jurang is all she knows, until she picks as stranger’s pocket.
The trailer she made is really cool and the book is as fantastical as can be, Awesome!
Two sisters get pushed apart until their bond as family is almost broken. The younger sister becomes a rebel and the older becomes Queen. The thing that brings them together? Death. Follow the younger sister and her friends as they search for her sister.
So far it's really interesting. I think it's a good book for anyone who likes fantasy.
Raised by adopted parents, Elwyn discovers a surprising event on her sixteenth birthday that changes her whole world. Wanting to find out who she really is, Elwyn leaves home to go on a adventure.
Books Jesse recently read
by George Orwell
by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Richard Howard
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