Andrew J. Ainsworth

Teller of tales. Part-time astronaut. Padawan verbomancer. Unicorn tamer.
Andrew is the author of
Fifteen year old Tommandros must survive the road where brigands wait to steal his powers—or take his life—in order to reach the Summoner’s trials where he must prove himself worthy of his Calling or lose the legacy he never knew he had.
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Aven warriors, fox spies, wolf warlocks, a world full of intrigue and mystery. It's worth looking into. Think Narnia with a lot more grit and a lot less allegory.
Embark on an adventure that leads Maxan, a cunning fox, to uncover technological marvels and truths about his world that will forever change the fate of all species, be they animals, or mankind itself.
Anything involving Tom Merritt is worth your time and attention.
Pilot X comes from a race of time travelers called the Alendans. Can he prevent the destruction of the universe?
"For as long as anyone could remember, the people of Veschke have lived in fear of fiends—spirits of wild places and volatile forces, agents of the fell lord Sokar, god of death..." Need I say more?
~The Lost Mythologies of Tamoreh: Book I~"Beware the thing that calls itself a spirit, faer or fiend. Pay them no tithe or tribute; accept no flattery or favor. No matter what they say, there is only one thing they truly seek: to enthrall your soul.”
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