Self image Heather Buyce-Vasquez · Author · added 21 days ago
Loved this. Honestly it was the cover art. Just jumped. Sped through this book like I was sitting on a time bomb. The atmosphere of the scenes was heavy and you felt every creak....
Lgxpuv8x Alaric Cabiling · Author · added almost 2 years ago
Really interesting book here, Scott. I’m ordering an e-book. Regards.
Lcds7lkv Stephen Harrison · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 4 likes
I was excited to read KILL CREEK as published by Inkshares and the book did not disappoint. Each of the characters are fully-drawn, with complex backstories and vivid interior monologues that make you care deeply about them. My favorite was Sebastian Cole, the old-school classical horror writer, a stodgy old man who is a bit of a prude, but who has his own tragic secret. The scenes in the house had me completely on-edge: this frightening idea that the house could listen to the thoughts of characters and latch onto their psyches. KILL CREEK is "modern" horror in the sense that it’s not focused on ancient demons or hidden portals, but it certainly made me frightened in the traditional sense. I was jumpy for several days and wary of turning off the reading light before going to bed! I am looking forward to the Showtime TV adaptation of the book and to other work by Scott Thomas.
Userphoto2 original Reader Writer · Reader · added over 4 years ago
Best I’ve ever read since "IT"!!

Hello beloved supporters of Kill Creek!

I have a humble request that’ll cost you zero dollars and only take a couple of minutes. NPR is currently running their Summer Reader Poll for 2018, and this year the genre is horror!  You can vote for up to five books, and I would truly appreciate it if one of your votes was for Kill Creek. You can check out the poll at this link:


And if you need suggestions for other books to support, I offer you a few more fantastic horror titles from Inkshares:

A God in the Shed by JF Dubeau

Devil’s Call by J. Danielle Dorn

Abomination by Gary Whitta

Dracula vs. Hitler by Patrick Sheane Duncan

By voting for Kill Creek and any of these other titles, you’ll be supporting small-press horror and helping us underdogs get our names out there with the big kids. Dogs and kids. Who doesn’t want to see them together?

Please take the time to vote, and know that your support is always appreciated and never taken for granted.


Scott Thomas

8exqqwos Michael E. Thom · Author · added about 5 years ago
I want you to know, I discovered this wonderful inkshares thing because of Kill Creek!  I found your book on a best first horror novels of 2017 list and purchased a copy because I like first novels of new authors and I chose yours because I love haunted house stories.  That said, your book led me to inkshares and now I’ve put my first novel ’Paladin Glitch’ up for future launch!  Headed to amazon now to review Kill Creek!  I love it!  Great work!

A favor and some exciting news...

First the favor: the more reviews I get on Amazon, the more Amazon sees traffic going to my page, and the more they work their Amazon magic for my book. Getting past the 100 review mark would be huge.  So PLEASE go to the link below and WRITE A QUICK REVIEW.  It doesn’t have to be much, just a sentence or two saying what you thought of KILL CREEK (hopefully good things).   Just click the link below, go down to Customer Reviews and click "write a customer review."  It only takes a few minutes.  I’ll wait while you did it:


Sweet!  Thanks for the review!  Now on to the exciting news.  KILL CREEK has been officially nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel!  The Stoker Awards are one of the most prestigious and well known awards in horror literature, honoring fiction, nonfiction, short stories, poetry and screenplays.  This year’s ballot includes huge names like Stephen King, Owen King, Joe Hill, M. Night Shyamalan, Guillermo Del Toro, David Lynch, and Jordan Peele, among many, many others.  Past recipients include Stephen King, Thomas Harris, Dan Simmons, Joyce Carol Oates, Neil Gaiman, Peter Straub--you get the point.  This is HUGE, and I know it’s a cliche, but it truly is an honor to be nominated.  The awards will be announced at a banquet in Providence, RI, (home of H.P. Lovecraft) on March 3, so I’d appreciate it if you’d cross any available fingers for me.

The book continues to gain momentum with over 5,000 copies sold and a steady stream of very cool responses on Instagram and Twitter, including an amazing tweet from Joyce Carol Oates, who called KILL CREEK an "intensely realized & beautifully orchestrated psychological Gothic/horror first novel set in once-Bloody Kansas."  I’m thrilled and humbled to hear people from all over the world saying how much they enjoyed my book.  I couldn’t have done it without the support of all of you.  Thank you for believing in this novel and for helping me make this lifelong dream a reality.

Hope 2018 is treating you all well.  I’ll be back soon with more updates.

Oh, and if you didn’t stop to write that review while I waited earlier, why not do it now?  It’ll give you a few more minutes of "staring at your phone" time, and who doesn’t want that?


Scott Thomas

Happy New Year from Kill Creek!

A couple quick things: if you’ve had a chance to read the book, PLEASE take a moment to review it on Goodreads and/or Amazon.  (Hopefully) good reviews help the average rating, which is what most casual visitors glance at first when searching for new books.  Hearing that you liked it helps encourage others to check it out...and tell their friends...and tell THEIR friends...  You get the point.

Also, by now you should have received your ebook and/or paperback(s).  If you haven’t, you can contact Inkshares at hello@inkshares.com and let them know.  They’ll be happy to help you.

2017 probably wasn’t the coolest year in the history of years, but it was pretty great for Kill Creek.  Sam Reader at Barnes and Noble declared "Kill Creek is the Horror Debut of 2017."  It also made "best of 2017" lists from B&N, HorrorTalk, The Los Angeles Public Library, BiblioSanctum, as well as rave reviews from Scream Magazine and numerous online book critics.

But forget 2017, that mutha is done.  On to 2018!  Look for more exciting Kill Creek updates as well as news about a couple new projects I’m cookin’ up (more on those soon).

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  And remember: REVIEW THIS BOOK ON AMAZON & GOODREADS!  Please.  For real.



A couple exciting updates from Kill Creek...

For those of you who pre-ordered the book many, many months ago, the paperback copies (finally) went out today!  You should have received an email about this today, and the books should be to you in 2 - 4 business days.  I can’t wait for you to check it out.  I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.  It’s my love letter to my all-time favorite genre and the many horror writers who inspired me.  I wrote the first draft of Kill Creek over a decade ago, and the final version is the result of a VERY busy summer of rewriting...and rewriting...and rewriting.  The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive.  Barnes and Noble even called Kill Creek the horror debut of 2017 which is, you know, PRETTY DAMN COOL.  Here’s a little taste of what they had to say:

There is one little bit of bad news, and I hope you’ll forgive me: I wasn’t able to make it up to Oakland to the Inkshares offices to sign your books before they went out.  Because the books took longer to print than expected, and because I felt you had waited long enough to get the books you ordered, I made the decision to have them send them to you without my signature.  I wouldn’t have been able to make it to Inkshares before Thanksgiving, and I wanted to get the books to you ASAP.  But please know how much I appreciate your support.  Your pre-orders made it possible for us to start the process of publishing this book.  Without you, the manuscript would still be sitting on my hard drive.

Also, for those of you with (kid-free) commutes or road trips planned, Kill Creek is now available on Audible!

They did an amazing job.  It’s a fantastic listen.

I’ve already started talking to Inkshares about my next book.  It’s a much different story--a fast, nasty little mofo--and I can’t wait to dive in.  Just know that I have something appropriately disturbing in the works.

I hope you enjoy reading (or listening) to Kill Creek.  When you have a few minutes, please post a review on Amazon, Goodreads and/or Audible.  Your reviews help bring online attention to the book.  Also feel free to share comments or photos of the book on any and all forms of social media.  We’re doing our best to get the word out, but we can always use extra help!

Thank you again for your support. 

Now...open the door to the house on Kill Creek, but remember: once you cross its threshold, there is no going back...

Scott Thomas

Greetings from Kill Creek!

Yet another milestone today: digital copies of the book went out to those who pre-ordered!  

Hopefully you’ve all been able to open the files.  If not, please contact Inkshares at hello@inkshares.com so they can help you troubleshoot.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have these first copies of KILL CREEK out there in the world.  I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks.  So far, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.  Just today, KILL CREEK was included on a Barnes & Noble list of the best ghost/witch stories.  Fingers crossed from more great reviews.

Now there’s one more way you can support this book: once you’ve had a chance to read it, please go to Goodreads and/or Amazon and leave a review on the book’s page.  Your reviews are incredibly important in helping KILL CREEK find a wider audience.  For all five star reviews, I will send you a mental high-five that will smack you when you most need it!

Because editorial took longer than expected, those of you who pre-ordered paperback copies should have them by the end of the month (if not earlier).  I’ll give you an update as soon as I have a hard date on that, but sit tight, it’s coming soon!

In the meantime, enjoy your digital copy.  And thank you all for helping me make this dream come true.  I couldn’t have done it without all of you.



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