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Darcy Conroy

Fiction writer, audio book producer, podcaster, and ancient history buff. Whether writing fantasy, sci-fi or crime, I strive to fill them with suspense and usually add a little romance, too. My thriller, As Long As She Lives, is out now.
Darcy is the author of
17-year-old Mia exists in a chronic state of anxiety. The counselors at her last two schools had a word for it: hyper-vigilance. At Kazemoto Security Corp.’s Supernatural Division, the recruitment scouts have a word for it, too: potential.
Books Darcy Recommends
No-one could replace Terry Pratchett but Jay Lockwood could give it a damned good go! This book deserves your attention!
On the streets of largest city in the world, when the truth lies and justice is lost, the people cry out for a hero. One that will work cheap, provide their own boots, and is too stupid to know any better.
Imagery, action, characterization - completely engrossing. Quite simply a damn good read.
A teen with the ability to control a swarm of shape-shifting nanotechnology must use his power to turn the tables on the warring factions that want to destroy him.
A premise well worth exploring and writing that is clean and flows easily. I'm looking forward to more!
Jonna Pruitt is a criminal. After serving consecutive life sentences what’s an immortal girl to do with so much freedom?
Books Darcy recently read
by Thomas P. Kasulis
by Roger Zelazny
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