So the several year long journey of getting Ghosts of War: Retribution to publication day has finally come to an end. Many, many hours of writing and editing and deadlines and design and planning and crowdfunding and... 

I got a cold on release day, proceeded to be wiped out, and forgot to do an update... 

Go me. 

But fear not! The book is just as released today as it was yesterday and here are three simple things you can do to help the book as it takes it’s first steps into the wider world. 

1. Read it! 

Unsurprisingly the first step is to actually read the book. If you haven’t yet received your print copy (they’re on the way!), you should be able to download the ebook from the Inkshares website. If you haven’t bought it yet, and would like to here are a few places you can do that: 



2. Leave reviews! 

The next step is to head over to Amazon and Goodreads and leave your reviews. I believe the magic number is 50 reviews for Amazon before it does something magical with their algorithms. So lets aim for 50. 

Every review helps grow the books profile, and will help to get it in front of more peoples eyes. 

 3. Tell some people about it! (or everyone even)

Spread the word. Tell people about the book. Encourage them to buy a copy (and leave a review!)


I think that’ll do for the moment. Lastly though, I want to thank everyone that helped make this thing a reality, you’re all awesome. It still feels weird. It still doesn’t feel real. But I am a published author today (er, yesterday) because of all of you.


I do really need to go lie down now though.

Just a friendly reminder that it’s very important that you check and confirm your shipping address prior to books being shipped out. You all should have received an email from Inkshares in the last day or so prompting you to confirm your address. You can follow the instructions there, or follow the ones below. Either way it’s very important to do so, as I know several of you have moved, because if the address isn’t right in the system (if you’ve moved for example) YOU WON’T GET YOUR BOOK!

And I don’t want that. You don’t want that. No one does.



 Want some news? Here’s some news... 

 To the best of my knowledge, very shortly (if not right now) Ghosts of War: Retribution will be off to the printers. 

That right, it’s D-O-N-E, done. 

 Edits have been done, copy edits have been done, covers have been done and finalised, the interior has been designed and finalised. Done. 

 So what now? Well, there is one thing that is rather important:

Shipping Addresses! 

 Since Ghosts had its backing period so long ago, undoubtedly some of you have changed address in the meantime. If you want to receive your physical copy of Ghosts of War: Retribution, it’s very important to update your address on the Inkshares site (or just confirm it to be super safe). Just follow this simple guide to fix everything up: 


 With that squared away, you should safely receive your print copy (provided you bought one) some time before the general release date of the 17th of July. If things stick to the current schedule, I believe that backer print copies (and ebooks) are set to go out around the 15th of June. 

And now onto some pretty things. 

Like the final full cover spread (the final book is 416 pages, and should be just under an inch thick): 


and the blurbs pages and title page:

That’s all for now. I’ll be doing a couple more updates in the run up to release, and I’ll make sure to keep reminding you all about confirming your shipping addresses. I want make sure everyone gets their books.

Until then...

Hey. Hi there. 

I have news. A couple of bits actually. I shall save the best for last though.

New book title

Ghosts of War is now.....Ghosts of War: Retribution. The change was made by me to help the title stand out a little more, and it gels better with what the story is actually about (and with the titles of the series going forward). I’m quite pleased with the change. 

With that change though, means something else...

A new cover

Production Status

Very good news on this front. This last Monday, Ghosts of War: Retribution winged it’s way across the interwebs into the hands of it’s copy editor. That means it is getting a thorough going over as it moves ever closer to release later in the year. Typically the time frame is 6 months from kickoff to publication, so it should land somewhere around the middle of the year. 

I should be hearing back from Inkshares soon with some more solid dates related to the production schedule and release, and I’ll keep you guys updated where I can.

Praise for the book

I’ve been getting the first lots of feedback on Ghosts of War: Retribution in the last few weeks, here’s a few blurbs that’ll be showing up in various promo materials going forward.

"Imagine that bastard you hate. Got it? Now imagine yourself gut punching them then throwing them down the stairs, and stealing their last donut. Robinson’s debut novel takes arch-rivalvary up a notch while giving that oh-so-satisfying desire to chew bubblegum and kick ass." - Rick Heinz, Author of The Seventh Age: Dawn 

 "Sci-Fi action-adventure at its very, very best. Paul Robinson gives us complex characters facing complex conflict in a futuristic world that, although dystopian, always carries the ring of truth. There’s revenge, retribution, heroism and, sprinkled throughout, satisfying bits of wry humor. A winning combination, and a debut author worth watching." - Jason Pomerance, Author of Women Like Us 

 “Ghosts of War: Retribution is an adrenaline-fueled adventure perfect for fans of fast-paced action sci-fi.” - Robert Batten, Author of Blood Capital 

 "Paul Robinson thrills his readers in the style of James Rollins and John Grisham, and then brings them to another world in the style of Robert Heinlein. You should pick up Ghosts of War: Retribution, though be warned: it’s hard to put down. ★★★★★" - Jonathan Maas, Author of Flare

 What now?

As production finally ramps up on Ghosts of War: Retribution, I’ll be working hard with Inkshares to get it into your hands and I’ll also be continuing to work on the sequels which are now called Ghosts of War: Reprisal and Ghosts of War: Reckoning

As always, stay tuned for updates.

The first transport is away...

As promised, the manuscript is in. I still have to finish polishing up the summary that’s required for the editors, but everything that’s actually going to be content in the book has been handed over.

I think I might go watch that Game of Thrones finale again now...

Picture Jay Robinson · Reader · added almost 6 years ago
Congratulations Mate.

I am looking forward to reading the finished product. :)

Hey everyone, 

This is just a quick little pre-update of sorts. You see, Ghosts of War is right on the tippy top precipice of being ready for submission to Inkshares. You’ve no doubt noticed that in the past I’ve been at this point before, or close to it in some capacity, and that I also tend to only put general, wishy-washy type of deadlines on things. And that hasn’t worked so well. Y’know, this sort of thing: 


Well. This is different (no, really). Because on Monday the 28th of August 2017, I, Paul Robinson, will be handing Ghosts of War over to Inkshares. 

No if’s, and’s or but’s (heh…butts). 

It’s happening. 

I’m telling everyone. 

So it has to happen. 

I’d look like a right wally if I missed the big red deadline wouldn’t I? 


(Okay, so I couldn’t make it red. Or overly big...use your imagination)

Anywho, I’ll see you then with the good news.  

Though it also means I can have a little bit of a break for a week or 2 while I wait, which will be nice. I need a break. - Me...5 months ago

Turns out my brain decided it needed quite the break.

The only real way to describe the last 5 months is that I haven’t really been...present. I’ve sort of just floated through 2017 so far and I can neither adequately explain the why or the how. None of it directly relates to the publishing of the book (other than delaying its submission) so I won’t go too much further into it. Suffice it to say, the ol’ brain box is a bit less floaty at the moment, so stuff is happening.

What stuff you may ask? Well, in the tradition of my people, here is a bullet point list of where things are at with the book: 

  • The beta reading went well. I received rather positive feedback from everyone on the story and the characters. Also, everyone seemed to like the ending, which was a huge relief. 
  • The book is more or less done at this point, I just need to go through and do a final pass over it to tidy up a few last things. 
  • I still need to wrangle all the paperwork and extra stuff to go along with the manuscript when I submit it to Inkshares. 
  • I also have a new (and likely final) cover. I’m quite fond of it. It even has a nice little spot for a cover quote, should I be lucky enough to get one.

So yeah, if I can keep everything in gear and on track, Ghosts will be submitted by the end of the month. After that, I’m assuming that there’ll be a bit of a wait since I’ll now be further down the queue than if I’d submitted earlier in the year, but it is what it is. 

I shall keep you all posted in the meantime.

Well, after a few minor technical issues, Ghosts of War is done and in the hands of a small group of beta readers. 

This is an important step and a terrifying one. This will be the first time anyone outside of my head knows how the story ends, which has been a closely guarded secret for, oh, about 6 years now. So yeah, this will be me for the next few weeks:

Though it also means I can have a little bit of a break for a week or 2 while I wait, which will be nice. I need a break.

Until next time.

Hey it’s that anniversary update I was talking about!

It’s now a year (more or less) since Ghosts of War successfully finished it’s funding campaign. Now I know you’re all probably wondering the same thing...

’Dude...it’s been a year....where’s the book?’

A valid question. No doubt. But the last year has been good to Ghosts. It’s a rather different book to where it was at this time last year. For one: it’s finished. At just over 106,000 words, 32 chapters and maybe north of 400 pages, it’s boiled itself down to a story that I’m really rather proud of. Now I say that as it’s author, and the only one who knows how it ends, but I’m quietly confident you’ll like it too (please like it...O_O).

’Yeah, no but for reals...how much longer?’

Not long. I’ve come to realise you can only revise things so much, and at some point you just have to leave it be. As such, I’m currently going through the final polish and tidy up on the current draft and that will be done by the end of January. At that point, I will hand it off to a few beta readers to get their thoughts and then it will be onto the final, final edits.

From there I’ll hand it over to Inkshares (tentatively by the start of March), and it’s generally then around 16 weeks until Pub Day. So, all going well, it should be in your hands by the middle of the year.

’Got anything for us now though?’

I do actually. If you head over here ---->;;; CLICK ME

But wait...there’s more...

Chapter 2 has been updated too! Nowhere near as extensively though, I think I only added about 30 words. Most of it was just grammar/punctuation fixes. But it’s still new...kinda.

Chapters 3-8 will be updated over the next week too, so keep an eye out.

Now it wouldn’t be a Ghosts update if I didn’t close with a gif. So...

Until next time.


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