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When do we get the book?

Want to read unreleased chapters from I Am Waltz? If so, this is the email you want to read. As the editors work their way through the book I am putting up unedited versions of chapters. Links to new chapters are in the email below.

Over the next few weeks, I will put on Inkshares chapters up to the end of Part I. You’ll have to wait for your personal copies of I Am Waltz to see what happens in Parts II and III. 

Have you bought yourself a copy? What about your family, friends, enemies?

If you haven’t secured a copy yet for yourself or a loved one, please do. An ebook is $9.99 and a paperback is $14.99. It will help immensely if you pick up copies.

Here are links to all existing chapters including the new ones!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 (Previously Unreleased)

Chapter 3 (Previously Unreleased)

If you’ve not already shared I Am Waltz with friends and family on social media please do! 

Click Here to share on Facebook! 

Every single order of "I Am Waltz" helps me make the sequel and trilog possible!

Thank you all for your support!

-Matthew D. Dho

Readers and Friends,

Wanted to give everyone an update on I Am Waltz. The book currently with Inkshares and will be going through the editing process before it is printed. Thank you all for your continued support and your patience. 

Inkshares has had the manuscript since December, however editing and working through all these books is a time-consuming process, so please hang in there with me. 

I will be starting book 2 soon. My goal is that shortly after you all receive your copies of I Am Waltz, I will be able to email out rough drafts of the first chapters of book 2.

Please message me with any questions, I will be happy to answer.

Thank you,


Hello Readers & Friends,

A BIG update. I Am Waltz has officially finished the developmental edit and is now with the copy editors at the publisher. The time is rapidly approaching now and books will be on there way during 2017.

For those with signed paperbacks, the books will first be sent to me to sign, then the publisher will send them out to you all.

Thank you all again for your continued support and I hope you all love I Am Waltz when you get it. 

Soon I will begin working on the sequel to this book and as promised all early adopters of I Am Waltz will be purvey to unique insight and tidbits/early drafts or the sequel.

-Love, Matt

Hello Readers,

Wanted to drop you a quick line as to the production progress of I Am Waltz. The manuscript will be in the hands of the copy editors within the next few weeks (depending on when they finish their current work). 

I have been working furiously on the developmental edit since the funding was successful and am nearly complete. 

Once the manuscript begins copy-editing we will be well on our way to getting those books in your hands or on your devices. 

Again thank you all for your support. As promised, once the book is out, all those who have pre-ordered will have early access to drafts of book two and three. 

In gratitude,

Matthew D. Dho

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Come on folks - we all want to SEE THAT VIDEO!
Dragon Nell Walton · Author · added over 1 year ago
You are off to a cracking start here.  Since you are funding now I’d look at some of the formatting, grammar etc.  Tweaks mainly.  Good job!

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