Hi Everyone!

We are finally here...Halloween!

Binge watched Stranger Things Season 2 and totally loved it!!  How about you?  Did you watch it?  How are you finding the plot lines this season??

This Netflix series brings out the best from the 80’s horror/thriller genres.

Which brings us right back to Halloween and Fury From Hell.  Why?  Because it all begins on All Hallows Eve - the truly eerie night when the veil between worlds is gossamer thin.

Thank you ALL for your orders, your well wishes, and your support!  It means the world to me.

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, please do so tonight!  What better way to end this evening??

FYI: Fury From Hell is in 10th place in the Horror contest.

Have a boo-tastic night!




Exciting news to share.  "Fury From Hell" is now a part of the Inkshares Horror contest!  I decided to put this novel in the running since it is in my book’s genre.  FFH went LIVE late in the day yesterday and before the day closed 3 wonderful people pre-ordered it!  Those initial sales from:

* Susan K. Hamilton

* Robert Batten

* William Schiele

pushed the book to the #10 spot on the leaderboard out of 60 submissions!

Thank you Susan, Robert and Bill!  I truly appreciate the early book love. :-)

So, if you’re so inclined, please take a moment to read the first 12 chapters and pre-order your copy today!

Good Evening Everyone,

First, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support of Fury From Hell.  I had a blast here on Inkshares -- hope you did, too!  We had a great push from the Strong Female Characters Syndicate earlier this week!! Twenty-four copies were ordered!!  I was so giddy with glee!  Thank you Janna Grace & all of the readers of the Strong Female Characters Syndicate!!

However, this is a bittersweet ending.  Today is the last day of my book’s campaign and I have 53 orders.  So, there will not be a publishing date for Fury From Hell at this time.

But stay tuned!  I entered Fury From Hell into the LaunchPad competition.  I’ll be sure to let you know on Sat, 7/29 if it makes the Top 75!

Thanks again and have a great rest of the evening.



Good morning! I want to thank you all for your support in this campaign. There’s a week left in funding Fury From Hell.  If you have not yet shared your support, I would appreciate it now.

I also wanted to let you know that I’ve submitted Fury From Hell to the Inkshares/LaunchPad contest running right now.  The reader judges are in the process of selecting the Top 75 manuscripts submitted.  These 75 authors will be notified on Sat, July 29th, 2017.

Then, the judges will whittle it down to the Top 25 manuscripts and announce those 25 authors on Sun, August 27th, 2017.

So folks please keep Fury From Hell in your hearts and minds as we wait for the initial results this summer.  I will keep you updated!

Have an awesome Thursday!

P.S. - I posted two new chapters bringing the total to 12 chapters available for your reading pleasure.

Find out what has been happening to Detective Holden during her mysterious fugue/blackout periods...



Hi! Just checking in with everyone to let you know I’ve added 4 more chapters for your reading enjoyment!

I’ve also put together a new video but am having some trouble getting it posted to my book’s page.  So, here it is:


Ta-ta for now,


Sometimes believing in nothing is easy; it gets you over the rainbow.  But, when you wake up and find yourself in a pool of blood with a cooling cadaver next to you...it gets more complicated.

Read the first six chapters of Fury From Hell today!


(Psst - If you want to read the full novel, let me know. I can send it to you in PDF, .mobi, or any other digital form you need.)

Good Morning, Good Day and how the heck are ya!?!  It has been a whirlwind two weeks since I attended I-CON32, a scifi/anime/cosplay convention in Brentwood, NY.  I met awesome people!  Many of them would make McGyver look like he had 3 thumbs -- why?  Because they made their own costumes!!  One gentleman even BUILT a rolling chair with two turrets that emitted smoke!  Yes!!  It’s true.  

I will put up a post with all of the pics for you to join in the fun vicariously.  Some of you may have seen them on my Twitter timeline already as I was live tweeting! :-)  Thanks for all of the shout-outs Jane-Holly!

But the really big news is through Cynthya BrianKate, a woman I met at the con, I will be a guest on the radio show, IN GOTH WE TRUST tonight! Thursday, March 30th at 10:30 pm Eastern.  You can listen in on the web:  http://wioxradio.org/index.html!

The hosts of the show tonight will be Chelsea Goodwin and Rusty.  We will speak on many topics including the horror genre, my book Fury From Hell (of course!).  And, since this show loves all things GOTH, the conversation may venture off into topics of the occult and spirituality -- all perfectly in line with my book which has Wiccans, demons, furies and the occasional divination reading...

I will be live tweeting during the show so if you have any questions feel free to tweet them to me on: @NoteBkBlogairy.  Use the hashtag #InGothWT so everyone can see your tweets!

See you all at 10:30 pm EDT tonight!!

"Hey Holy Holden  Whatcha up to?"

Detective Betty Feinster slid into the rickety folding chair next to Holden’s desk.

Holden paused, her fingers stilled above the keyboard.  "Murder.  I’m chasing down these leads.  Gotta get something going on the Barnes case.  It feels like it’s getting cold."

Feinster snorted.  "Cold?  Kyma Barnes died on Halloween, less than 10 days ago.  After all these years, you’re still such a newbie."

Refocusing on her screen, Holden smirked.  "Yeah, but you still love me, dontcha?"

"Ladies, how goes the day?"  Yearwood breezed by and gave Holden a wink.

They both murmured a greeting keeping their eyes down, their grins too a minimum.

"Did you let him down easy yet?" asked Feinster.

"No.  There’s never a right time.  Besides, he’s kinda nice..."

"If you like to talk about the day’s obituary column!"

"Shhh!!!  He might hear you."


"Get away from my desk!  I’ve got real work to do," grinned Holden. 

Standing in one fluid motion, Feinster clapped Holden on the back.  "Go get ’em and make sure you keep me in the loop.  Real proud of you!  Your first solo case and we’re all watching.  You’re doing good, real good."

Holden turned and gave her partner a genuine wide smile.  "Thanks.  That means a lot to me."

Feinster nodded and walked off.


Hope you enjoyed meeting the two main characters of "Fury From Hell."  Beginning today, I will raffle off a FFH t-shirt every 25 books pre-ordered!  Starting from 24 copies (the current number of books sold), I will raffle off the 1st t-shirt when we reach 49 pre-orders!  All 49 readers who pre-ordered will be included in the raffle.  I will add everyone’s name using Rafflecopter so it will be randomized.

Want to see the t-shirt? Here’s a link:


Oh, and before I go, if you’ve read some of the chapters please leave a comment, or a recommendation here on Inkshares.

Thanks and ta-ta for now,


Hi! For anyone who would like to read "Fury From Hell" in its draft form, please let me know.  It is a complete novel rounding out at just a squoosh over 103K words.  I can provide a .mobi (Kindle), or an .epub (Nook) format.

In the meantime, many thanks to you for your pre-orders and support!  I would love your feedback, and comments, too.

Have a great weekend.

(Psst - I’m working on getting a professional to do my book trailer!) :)



Thought you might like a visual depiction of Fury From Hell...


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