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Rochelle Campbell

Reader & Writer. Love scifi, horror, thrillers, & romance (esp historicals). I read all over the map. I will occasionally read nonfic; it needs to draw me in. Have a cat (not the one in pic). Am glutenfree & trying paleo. And you are...?
Rochelle is the author of
Good and evil collide in this graphic horror thriller. Detective Jennifer Holden has a past that won’t let her ignore it. Her badge, gun & the lotto get her through each day. That is, until Fury Abatu shows up and possesses the good detective...
Books Rochelle Recommends
"The Devil You Don't" starts of with a lot of curious interactions. You begin to unravel what's happening and the REAL story emerges! This is a great read and I look forward to reading more!
An ambitious she-devil with a dark secret that could rock both Heaven and Hell starts an illicit love affair with a disgruntled angel. When a ruthless co-worker discovers her secrets, she’s forced to take drastic steps before all hell breaks loose.
The opening of "Kanimbla" brings you right into the story. You're scared for Dale but more than a little excited as well. Going on an adventure for the King half-way around the world is a daunting feat. I can't wait to read about Dale's adventures!
Join the King’s Fourth Sword Company and the brave crew of the Kanimbla in their fight for survival as they struggle against the elements and the unknown in a strange new land.
Anna Willoughby's "Project Penny" is a new must-read. The first chapter, Verve, brings you into the story and leaves you ready, and wanting, more. I can't wait to read the full book!
Orbital colonies are tapped out, Earth is nearly spent, & the world’s superpowers start to see value in expanding beyond the solar system. With a habitable planet 93 years from Earth, 18,000 people pile into the Century 1 Exodus.
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