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Rochelle Campbell

Author published in 2 lit mags, active member of the Horror Writers Association, & mother of 3, (as well as a cat-mommy). Totally a Reader! Which means I need my cuppa Joe to wake up & go get ’em every morning. Can’t wait to connect w/you!
Rochelle is the author of
Good and evil collide in this graphic horror thriller. Detective Jennifer Holden has a past that won’t let her ignore it. Her badge, gun & the lotto get her through each day. That is, until Fury Abatu shows up and possesses the good detective...
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The synopsis hooked me. I love a good twist on fairy tales! The first six chapters have whet my appetite for more. I cannot wait to find out what happens to/with Abbie and the changeling. Thank you Jane-Holly!
A child slips through a portal into the land of the Fae and traverses the Otherworld with the help of a young elf, while her parents are left to deal with the changeling that was left in her place.
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