Rochelle Campbell's latest update for Fury From Hell

Oct 31, 2017

Hi Everyone!

We are finally here...Halloween!

Binge watched Stranger Things Season 2 and totally loved it!!  How about you?  Did you watch it?  How are you finding the plot lines this season??

This Netflix series brings out the best from the 80’s horror/thriller genres.

Which brings us right back to Halloween and Fury From Hell.  Why?  Because it all begins on All Hallows Eve - the truly eerie night when the veil between worlds is gossamer thin.

Thank you ALL for your orders, your well wishes, and your support!  It means the world to me.

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, please do so tonight!  What better way to end this evening??

FYI: Fury From Hell is in 10th place in the Horror contest.

Have a boo-tastic night!