Rochelle Campbell's latest update for Fury From Hell

Mar 14, 2017

"Hey Holy Holden  Whatcha up to?"

Detective Betty Feinster slid into the rickety folding chair next to Holden’s desk.

Holden paused, her fingers stilled above the keyboard.  "Murder.  I’m chasing down these leads.  Gotta get something going on the Barnes case.  It feels like it’s getting cold."

Feinster snorted.  "Cold?  Kyma Barnes died on Halloween, less than 10 days ago.  After all these years, you’re still such a newbie."

Refocusing on her screen, Holden smirked.  "Yeah, but you still love me, dontcha?"

"Ladies, how goes the day?"  Yearwood breezed by and gave Holden a wink.

They both murmured a greeting keeping their eyes down, their grins too a minimum.

"Did you let him down easy yet?" asked Feinster.

"No.  There’s never a right time.  Besides, he’s kinda nice..."

"If you like to talk about the day’s obituary column!"

"Shhh!!!  He might hear you."


"Get away from my desk!  I’ve got real work to do," grinned Holden. 

Standing in one fluid motion, Feinster clapped Holden on the back.  "Go get ’em and make sure you keep me in the loop.  Real proud of you!  Your first solo case and we’re all watching.  You’re doing good, real good."

Holden turned and gave her partner a genuine wide smile.  "Thanks.  That means a lot to me."

Feinster nodded and walked off.


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