Susan K. Hamilton

Author and lifelong horse enthusiast. Author of Shadow King (Inkshares, 2018), The Devil Inside (Inkshares, 2021), and several short stories. Stone Heart was a Top 100 Finalist in the 2020 Launchpad Manuscript Competition.
Susan is the author of
In a world where humans and faeries co-exist, the Fae Patriarch of Boston’s criminal underworld must choose between a role he never wanted, one that will change the Seelie Court forever, and the destruction of everything he loves.
An ambitious she-devil with a dark secret that could rock both Heaven and Hell starts an illicit love affair with a disgruntled angel. When a ruthless co-worker discovers her secrets, she’s forced to take drastic steps before all hell breaks loose.
When a troubled singer returns to New York to record her new album she rekindles a relationship with her married ex-lover, and as their affair intensifies, it threatens to destroy more than just her career.
Books Susan Recommends
It has been a while since a sci-fi offering drew me in but Graham's ability to create characters with unique voices has piqued my interested -- looking forward to more.
Asteroid miners, smugglers, and corporate mercenaries do battle over an alien relic amid the ruins of a shattered world
Looking like another great offering from Castle is in the works. Interesting premise, great writing -- She impressed me with Seclusion and I think Sepia will be just as good.
In 2045, the forests are burning, the oceans are rising, corruption is growing, and a group of scientists take matters into their own hands. This is their confession
I am eagerly awaiting my copy of Fae Child to arrive, and the sample here tells me Meissner's prose is just as good in the sequel as I expect it will be in the first book.
Eight years after returning from the Otherworld Abbie Brown has to go back, this time on purpose, when her parents go missing.
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