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Hello J-F. I ordered a paperback copy of God in the Shed in April and I still haven’t received it. Do you know what’s happening?

Well hello there,

So? How was your summer? Mine was busy. Too busy to run a book funding campaign properly. I started funding Arch-Android  (the sequel to The Life Engineered) around the time of Nerdtacular in late June. It got a good start but soon after I got caught up in going to other conventions like Necronomicon and DragonCon along with promoting A God in the Shed after its June 15 release and writing the sequel to A God in the Shed!

Long story short, I dropped the ball.

But I’m back! 

Inkshares was good enough to grant an extension to the Arch-Android campaign. Let’s get 750 pre-orders as soon as possible and get this over with. The faster this funds, the faster you can read the final product and I am so eager for you to read this one. 

Here’s what you can do to help:

What do you get for helping?

  • Every pre-order and reference gives you an additional chance to win a KOBO Aura ebook reader with original art by me on the back.
  • 3 or more pre-orders gets your name in the acknowledgements in the back of the book
  • All physical copies are signed and come with an exclusive bookmark
  • Participation in any further promotion I may add as the campaign progresses
  • My eternal gratitude

So there you have it. Expect more updates and more previews and information as this campaign progresses. Let me put this bluntly: If everyone who receives this pre-orders a copy, we’re done. The book is funded. How cool is that? The campaign ends on December 7th.

Above: The KOBO Aura ebook reader  


Time’s up.

If you haven’t voted for the DragonAwards yet, your last chance is nigh. Of course, what I’m hoping is that you’ll vote for A God in the Shed in the Horror Novel category, but obviously you can vote for whatever you want and I encourage you to do so.

So fill out the form and once you get the email, vote your heart out

Feel free to encourage others to vote too! The more the merrier?

Thank you

JF Dubeau

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I’m digging your ballot!  
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Hello horror fans!

There’s so much I want to talk about today, but for simplicity’s sake, I’ll keep it to two thing and both of them are a plea for help.

Please, if you can, review A God in the Shed on Amazon and Goodreads. There’s a long list of reasons why you should do this. Some are marketing, some have to do with the television option, but mostly, you want to win the leather bound copy I’m raffling off when we reach 100 reviews on Amazon.

Wow... for a second year in a row, one of my books is nominated for a Dragon Award. That’s right, A God in the Shed is nominated in the horror category. You can turn this nomination into an actual victory. Just head over to the voting page and fill out the form and when the voting ballot comes in please vote for A God in the Shed.

NOTE: If you don’t know how to fill out the rest of the ballot, here are some suggestions!

Thank you again for your support. I fail as a writer because I can’t conjure the proper words to tell you how much your help has meant.


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Wow... what a month it’s been.

Since the launch of A God in the Shed, it’s been a bit of a wild ride. Did a couple of local signing events, went to a convention in Utah... started writing the sequel.

While I’d love to bore you with the nitty gritty details however, this isn’t my diary. There’s new I need to share with you. News you want to know about.

Let’s start with this:

Gorgeous isn’t it? Joseph Gates of Gates of Imagination is making six of these for me. Each will have a hand written, unique secret about the story inside. You want one? Well, good news.

When I reach 100 reviews on Amazon, I’ll be raffling off one of these beautiful leather-bound copies of the book. I’ll randomly pick one of the first 100 reviewers as the winner. If I can’t get in touch with them after 48hrs, I’ll pick another. Until I have an address where to mail this beauty. So if you read the book and have a few moments, might be worth writing a short review. It doesn’t even matter if you rate it 1 star. You’re still eligible. And if you have a few extra seconds, copy and paste that review to Goodreads.

What else? Oh yeah!

You want an audiobook of A God in the Shed? If Amazon isn’t lying to me, you’ll be able to get one on July 18th. So if you’re less of an eye-person and more of an ear-person, this might be up your alley. I know you can already pre-order, so there you go.

Finally, why not take a moment to check out my other project currently funding on Inkshares? The sequel to my debut novel, The Life Engineered, is taking pre-orders. You don’t even need to have read The Life Engineered to enjoy it (though it adds that extra layer, and The Life Engineered is only 99 cents on Inkshares right now). Check it out!

As always and forever, thank you friends. You absolutely rule.


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Friends... I have some really cool stuff to talk about.

But first, I need a favour. You get this from probably every single author you support, whether on Inkshares or on any other platform. Once we publish, we all become these strange creatures that seem to feed on one thing and one thing alone: reviews.

The arcane mechanisms that explain why reviews matter so much in books sales are difficult to explain and keep changing (thanks Amazon algorithms!) but they are always important.

So go review A God in the Shed on Amazon and/or on GoodReads. Smarter people than I say that 50 should be a good goal for now, so lets go with that. Can we do 50 reviews in two weeks? I think so.

So what other cool stuff do I have to talk about? Well, that’ll have to wait. I want to have photos.

"I have such sights to show you." - Pinhead, Hellraiser


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So it’s come to this... publication day.

To be honest, it snuck up on me. I thought the actual pub date was June 15th. Needless to say, I’m unprepared. 

I could bore you with a long text about how important your support has been, but instead, let’s take a quick look at what you were a part of accomplishing, shall we?

  • We published a book. "Wasn’t that the goal?" Absolutely. But publishing a book is a huge deal, especially for the author. Of all the things we’ve done, 
  • That book got great early reviews from CriptTV, Fangoria, the creator of Bates Motel and a few others who I had never dreamed of getting the attention of.
  • Our book got optioned by Skydance to be produced by Akiva Goldsman. This is huge! (not automatic-tv-show-huge, but huge nonetheless) I’ve never even considered television as a medium for A God in the Shed, but obviously, others disagree.
  • A God in the Shed is going to be an audiobook too.

All of that, and probably more in the future, because of Inkshares’ tireless work and your support. I know some of you had even forgotten you’d pre-ordered this book. That’s how long the road has been. Yet, here we are.

So what’s next?

So that’s it. You guys are amazing and you’ve done something amazing for me. Hopefully there will be so much more in the future and I’d be thrilled if every one of you were there for the ride.

Thank you. So much.


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Whoa... what a trip it’s been.

Before I get into that though, let me give you some good news. Better news than whatever I’ll be prattling on about.

So, have you pre-ordered A God in the Shed from Inkshares? You did? You’re awesome. In fact, you might have already received an email notification that your physical copy has shipped (if you ordered a physical copy that is. And you should have, because ooooh boy. Such lovely books. So, so lovely.). But let’s say you’re not into this ’waiting’ thing? What if you want to start digging into this tale of horror in a small down over this very coming weekend?

Well, you can. By the end of the day, the eBook version of A God in the Shed will be available to download from the site. .mobi and .epub will be available, as always. I sincerely hope you enjoy the book and that if you do, you’ll let me know. Review it on Amazon, on Goodreads. Send me a Tweet @jfdubeau. I want to hear from you guys. 

You’re my very favourite readers.

Which is why I put myself through Hell in order to sign all your copies of A God in the Shed. As promised, I flew myself to San Francisco on a plane leaving Montreal at 5:30AM, signed a bunch of copies as they were being packaged and shipped by the amazing Elena Stofle (with an assist from the dedicated Avalon Radys). Hung out and had dinner with Adam and then, at 11:30PM on the same day, was on a plane back to Montreal.

When I say I’d go to the ends of the Earth for my readers, I do not kid around.

Now please, enjoy the book. We’ve come this far, it’d be ashamed if you didn’t. 


Such a pretty book... (note: Inkshares fed me cheese. They have won my heart once more)

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Grats on 2k! Looking forward to seing AGITS hitting 10k+

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