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I ordered your first book through Inkshares in September and have not receive it?

Do you know when it will ship?


Happy New Year my friends!

Well, 2017 won’t be accused of being uneventful. I think it’s safe to say that it will go down as a year with many bitter memories for some. I lucked out however and, because of you, 2017 turned out to be an awesome year. I say ’you’ because you are responsible for A God in the Shed becoming a reality. You helped us get to over 5300 books sold. We’re staring down the barrel of the sequel going into production and all of it is because you took a chance on this book.

My gratitude knows no bounds.

But, I will be asking you to trust me again.

I have another book currently funding on Inkshares. It’s a science fiction novel called Arch-Android. It’s the story of our robot descendants and how they’ve lived without human interference for centuries, but now, as signs of humanity making a comeback start to appear, they have to decide how best to prepare sharing the galaxy with us once again. Check out the sample chapter and please, consider pre-ordering a copy (or more!). It’s not horror but I swear you won’t regret it.

Again, thank you so much for your continued support. Great things are coming in 2018 and I’m looking forward to sharing that journey with you.


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I ordered a paperback copy in September and have yet to receive it. 
Do you know when it will ship?
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I can’t vote for a book I’ve not yet received.

Hello horror fans!

I come to you with a humble request. A God in the Shed has the honour of being a semi-finalist for the Goodreads Choice Awards 2017. This is a big deal. What would make it an even bigger deal is making it to the next round as a finalist. A huge deal. Gargantuan really.

All I ask of you, is a few clicks.

First, click here to get to the voting page. Then, while logged into Goodreads, click on the red VOTE button under A God in the Shed.

There you go. With that simple gesture, you participate in what can be a huge step in my writing career and that makes you awesome. Hurry! You only have up to November 12, 2017 to vote!

Thanks for the support! You’re the best.


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Hello J-F. I ordered a paperback copy of God in the Shed in April and I still haven’t received it. Do you know what’s happening?

Well hello there,

So? How was your summer? Mine was busy. Too busy to run a book funding campaign properly. I started funding Arch-Android  (the sequel to The Life Engineered) around the time of Nerdtacular in late June. It got a good start but soon after I got caught up in going to other conventions like Necronomicon and DragonCon along with promoting A God in the Shed after its June 15 release and writing the sequel to A God in the Shed!

Long story short, I dropped the ball.

But I’m back! 

Inkshares was good enough to grant an extension to the Arch-Android campaign. Let’s get 750 pre-orders as soon as possible and get this over with. The faster this funds, the faster you can read the final product and I am so eager for you to read this one. 

Here’s what you can do to help:

What do you get for helping?

  • Every pre-order and reference gives you an additional chance to win a KOBO Aura ebook reader with original art by me on the back.
  • 3 or more pre-orders gets your name in the acknowledgements in the back of the book
  • All physical copies are signed and come with an exclusive bookmark
  • Participation in any further promotion I may add as the campaign progresses
  • My eternal gratitude

So there you have it. Expect more updates and more previews and information as this campaign progresses. Let me put this bluntly: If everyone who receives this pre-orders a copy, we’re done. The book is funded. How cool is that? The campaign ends on December 7th.

Above: The KOBO Aura ebook reader  


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Time’s up.

If you haven’t voted for the DragonAwards yet, your last chance is nigh. Of course, what I’m hoping is that you’ll vote for A God in the Shed in the Horror Novel category, but obviously you can vote for whatever you want and I encourage you to do so.

So fill out the form and once you get the email, vote your heart out

Feel free to encourage others to vote too! The more the merrier?

Thank you

JF Dubeau

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I’m digging your ballot!  

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