What a delicious Friday, Space Crew. 

I’ve got pre-orders slowly rolling in, and the sun is shining. I’ve made a new rule that I can’t be stressed on Friday, so it’s a pretty good day for a newsletter. 

What’s Been Happening
Still en route to 300. 12 orders to go for that theme song! In case you don’t like scrolling to the bottoms of things, I’m going to put the pre-order link right here. And right here. Look, this text is a link too

Time is running out fast. I have a few tricks left up my sleeve, but no magic button to press. So please keep promoting this book to people’s faces. 

What’s Coming
First, I’m very excited to be attending Can-Con in a couple weeks. It’s a mega literary conference where I hope to learn a lot about what’s happening in the world of fantasy and sci-fi, and get better at this promo stuff. Networking opportunities are going to be good too. If you’re attending please hit me up on Twitter and we can grab a beer. 

The Dragon Awards, for which voting is open to the public, are closing soon. I’m not nominated since my book has yet to be published, and because I’m not that cool, but a few Inkshares writers are, and some of my NaNoWriMo e-friends too. I’ll avoid plugging names here, but if you want to know which books and authors I think are excellent, hit me up.

Weird and Dumb Things I Do Without Reasons
I put up a new idea on Inkshares this week (???!!). It’s barely a thing yet, but if you’re into the horror genre, and like the vibes of 90s mystery slashers with supernatural undertones, this might be your thing. 

It’s called Rattle Creek Road, and it’s about a community off an old wooded road that starts dropping like flies. As is customary in such communities, rumours spread quicker than fear, leading to all kinds of mass-hysteria. 

Check out the intro on the book page if you’re into it. I would highly recommend reading it with a deep southern accent. 

Your doodle of the day is me being cool as a cucumber. 

Your Calm and Collected Space Cucumber,

I was going to write an update in actual words, but then this happened.

If you can’t see the image, or want to view it in higher quality, you can view it here instead

Top o’ the Tuesday, Space Crew!

You know what’s neat about this particular Tuesday? It’s the day before I’m doing a little travelling myself. Yeah, that’s right; I’m slacking on promo for three weeks to go chill in Europe. If any of you are around London/Paris/various German cities, hit me up and we can gush and fan over space books together.

Now, we’ve still got a ways to go on the funding.

This week I want to find podcasters. If you are one, or you know one, and you think it would be an all right place to talk about The Traveller’s Cup, please let me know. I will gleefully and awkwardly spew book nonsense in the direction of anyone who is willing to listen.

Since I’m going to be on the road for a few weeks I’m going to be hard-pressed to update you all on the haps of this book campaign for a bit. That said, I’ll probably still send you a weekly update, but you should judge it less harshly for formatting and typos because I’ll be restricted to mobile. Which also means no doodles. I’m so sorry.

So enjoy this one. I hope it ties you over despite the crushing hole I must be leaving in your heart with my brief internet vacancy.

Your Seductively Sinister Space Captain,


Something something Monday, Space Crew.

I think I’ve got enough caffeine in my blood to send an informative update. If any of this is incoherent, it’s actually largely because I accidentally stayed up late rewriting some parts of the book. Because you guys deserve the very best (like no book ever was...).


This Past Saturday

I spent 8ish exhilarating and exhausting hours walking and talking around ComicCon. I pitched this book to roughly a hundred people, made a ton of connections in the sci-fi/writing/crowdfunding communities, and collected a pleasing amount of con-swag. It was a great day of finding a group to call my people.

If you’re one of the people I met, I likely have your card or contact info in my swag bag already, but feel free to get in touch with me first—especially if you want to connect for a podcast or blog feature.

For new contacts and old Crew members alike, you can always reach me at acbaldwinbooks@gmail.com, or on Twitter: @ac_baldwin.

Upcoming Cons

The summer con circuit is vast and intimidating. I wanted to make it back home to the Atlantic cons, but I unfortunately haven’t had the time.

I am very much considering (hovering over the "Buy Tickets" button) going to Fan Expo in Toronto as a regular attendee for more networking. Stay tuned.

I will be attending Ottawa’s Can-Con this September (9th-11th). You should probably come out if you’re in the area, since I’ll be even more prepared, and will be giving out more bookmarks, some sample chapters, and maybe signing things? If that doesn’t sway you, it’s on my birthday, so now you’re obligated out of friendship.

Now, may your coffee mugs be overflowing and your Monday be as bearable as a Thursday.

Oh, and if you haven’t yet, please pre-order this book so it can be fully-funded. And then instead of me pitching it at you we can high-five and be friends.

Your Questionably Sentient Space Captain,

Top of the Thursday, Space Crew!

Welp, I know this is almost a week late. If it’s any consolation, that might mean two updates in one week? Or should I spare your inboxes? Lemme know. 

The thing is, I’ve been legitimately busy legitimately working on legitimate projects. Oh, and impromptu travel and hosting friends from out of town. All in good fun. But mostly this summer is about working for you guys, and I’ve been doing a lot of that. 

First, This Weekend is Montreal ComicCon!
I’m going to come hang out on Saturday, mostly in the vendor area, and talk about my book. I’ll have some of these fancy bookmarks with me to give away. If you’re going, please hit me up. Tweeting at me is going to be the best way (@ac_baldwin). 


Podcast Coming Soon!

Last week I spent an hour talking to my old friend Frédéric Byé. Fred hosts a podcast called Creative Magic Unchained where he interviews all sorts of writerly folk and asks them tough questions. You can listen to me awkwardly stumble through them once the cast goes live at the end of the month. 

Theme Song...Come on Now, Guys. We’re So Close. 
I’ve been working my bottom off to get this done. I’m close. We’re close. We need about ten orders. You know who you are. 

And you know, if we have a theme song, it would only make sense to publish a book trailer. Not that I’ve been secretly working on one or anything. What. 

Now go forward and enjoy your Friday and the weekend and please come see me at Montreal ComicCon. 

Your Sly and Sassy Space Captain,

What are the haps, Space Crew?

I wish I had more news. If I had to choose a highlight of the week, it would be that I came up with a twist for this novel that has left me cackling uncontrollably. So that’s fun. I mean, of course I planned and plotted every detail and had an extremely polished draft already. What?

The only thing I want to talk to you about this week is getting the expletive to 300 orders. (I’ve chosen to omit actual expletives from the newsletters  in favour of expanding our Crew.) We’re currently at 281, so it’s extremely close. But I need to push it over the edge; and when I do, I’ll be sending you the theme song!

I’ve already asked my 300 closest friends for support, and most of them came through. Some came through with a passion rivaling your puppy who hasn’t seen you for an hour. But what I’m really saying is that I’m out of people to ask

If you’re getting this newsletter, you’re (on top of being a fabulous and unique individual) in one of two categories: those who have ordered this book, and those who have hit ’follow’ to show support or interact with me in some way. 

Space Crew, my orderers, you’re what has kept me going. I’m going to keep leaning on you between now and our deadline in September because you’ve proven yourselves to be amazing people who can do amazing things. Please, keep sharing this story. 

Space...Standbys? I’m uncomfortable with the plural form of this word. But you guys could easily set this book over the 300 mark. You could push it over 400. I’m dying to know what it would take to get you in my official Crew. You can connect with me on Inkshares or Twitter; I’m always up for a chat!

Your Stewing and Sinister Space Captain,

Happy Sunday, Space Crew!

I know the weekend’s gone too fast, but thankfully you get to conclude it with hearing from me. 

I don’t have a lot of news, but these weekly updates are my way of staying connected to you as we continue our journey through space and time toward the impending September deadline. 

I Need to Get the Word Out. 
This book has gotten a lot of attention in various circles I know or am a part of, and that is fantastic. I’m indebted for all of your support. But unless all of you want to order 10 copies each, we’ve got to get word of this book outside our current Crew. 

If you know of any podcasts, blogs, social platforms, or other networking opportunities that might want to spend some time talking to me or about The Traveller’s Cup, please help connect us. You will be rewarded with a special author’s note inside your copy of the book, and will go down in history as one of our top space recruiters. 

Yes, Your Theme Song is Coming
I’ve been throwing ideas around for awhile, and since we only have 22 orders to go before I officially owe it to you, I’m settling down on something I think is pretty cool. Sample coming soon. 

Meanwhile you can contribute to my motivation by helping me nab those last 22 orders. Please keep recommending this book and spreading the word to your friends. 

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Space Captain,

Why hello there, Space Crew!

I know it’s been a while, but I’m pleased to announce...


That’s right. I’m back with a vengeance, and with the intent to use this summer to sell roughly 500 more copies of The Traveller’s Cup

Where have you been, dude?
As I mentioned through various channels last month, I decided to give myself a bit of a vacation from my newfound job as a writer (AKA my own publicist), so that my brain could wiggle itself free of the anxieties that go along with that. You might be pleased to know that since then I have accomplished the following things:

  • Rewatched the entirety of The Office (again)
  • Learned a bunch of new songs on guitar
  • I think my hair grew like half an inch
  • Made my own food a few times (it was only cupcakes twice)
  • Made myself go out and see people
  • Actually went to the doctor
  • Lost 10 lbs somehow

So clearly I’ve owned at life enough to add book promo back into the mix. 

So uh, what’s up with the book?
Right, that. While putting this off may have interrupted the flow a bit, I have a very clear to-do list on my side. 

  •  Get this book mentioned. On podcasts, blogs, mainstream media. Whatever I can. If you have connections, please hook me up. You’ll be rewarded and recognized.

  • Get that theme song going. We’re only about 25 orders away from the first post-Quill milestone, which means I have work to do. I hope I’ll have a preview for you guys very shortly.

  • Ten million other tiny things that wouldn’t make for an interesting newsletter or are just too secretive to share.

Cool, I guess. Now what?
It’s time to reassemble our mega-crew and blast this book through space and time. Also, if you have a way to control time, let me know. I think it could be useful.

Your Cut-Throat Crafty Space Captain,

Happy Friday, Space Crew!

Somehow, magically, I’ve finished the comic ahead of time. Happy early Free Comic Book Day!

Click Here to View It

Feel free to share the link among your amateur-comic-reading friends, and I hope you all get to enjoy a sunny weekend. 

Your I’m-Really-Going-to-Relax-for-a-Minute-Tonight Space Captain,


First, About That Little Green Bar! 
Thanks to the amazing crew at Inkshares, and some fellow authors who were more than helpful explaining things to me that I initially derped over, this campaign has been extended to September 5!


I now have all summer to stress and fidget over this, but also to come up with some new marketing strategies. If you’re good at that sort of thing, please get in touch. I’m relying on my Crew to get this book fully-funded. 

Second, About Orders Placed TODAY
Given the devastating fire happening right now in Fort MacMurray, Alberta, I’m matching orders today with donations to the Canadian Red Cross. If you were thinking about picking up extra copies, you can support two causes in one go by ordering before midnight EST tonight. 

Third—Free Comic Book Day is Coming!
And the comic is nearly complete. Here’s the first page in full colour. I’ll be sending out the link to you guys between Friday night and Saturday to view the whole thing. 

Fourth, This Month is Mental Health Awareness Month. 
While I think we should talk about it all the time, it’s great that we spend this month in recognition, and get to hear voices we wouldn’t normally hear talking about their experiences.

I plan to share some of my mental health story on my blog in the near future, but I’d also like to hear from you. If you’d like a chance to share your story, please let me know, and I’ll reserve a section in a future newsletter for you, because we’re a Crew that supports one another. 

With that said, I’d like to wish you all a happy Star Wars day!

Your Significantly De-Stressed Space Captain from Space Canada,

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