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Okay, as I’m aiming for the same goal as you it’s only fair to share what I did at the start of my campaign that may be of use to you...if you haven’t already done this...I got some A5 flyers printed with exact instructions of how to sign up to INKSHARES, how to get the $5 voucher, how to recommend and the most efficient way to help my numbers with purchases. ie don’t get the $20 book but rather 2 readers or a Super reader.  I did a nice cover for Louisiana Blood and put the instructions on the back.  Inkshares for all it’s plus points is a little counterintuative for those more digitally challenged...and most of my buyers failed to understand the best system...on the other hand it did allow me to go back and point out they had a $5 voucher in their junk mail and it would be a shame to waste it, so why not buy another copy :)  I haven’t met anybody who has managed to work out the referral system yet, but that could throw up some more vouchers...again, best of luck!

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Okay, bought, shared and recommended...if I could link it to a Byonce download I would...c’mon people lets get this novel to fly heavenwards and land on planet Quill!

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Love the posting of music as you read...for years I wanted to be able to link music to the reading process...but even with hyperlinks it was tricky...I imagine only a talking book would crack this problem.  Great music, great writing and love the noir/sci-fi feel.  Wish I could do more to boost this novel into the hands of more readers. If all your followers followed my example you could reach quill in a heartbeat. Just saying...all you followers :)

In the spirit of making up for lost time, another update to grace your inboxes!

Like many (most) authors, I listen to music while I write. I listen to music pretty much all day long, but I rarely write in total silence.

One of the groups that has had a heavy influence on the creation of Transilience, is a Polish electro-jazz duo, Skalpel. Testament to this fact is their inclusion in Chapter 1. I first heard them whilst I still lived in Detroit. One of the DJs on the local public radio station, WDET, gave them high regard and played several tracks off their 2005 album Konfusion regularly.


Like many (most authors) - yep, here we go again - I have adopted the rather boring and unoriginal practice of giving my chapters naught but a number....officially. Unofficially, I’ve assigned a song title to each chapter. These songs represent groups that I tend to listen to whilst writing. They are also relevant to the chapter. They form a sort of soundtrack to the book.

For this update, I’ve decided to share the track list and I’ll include hyperlinks to YouTube videos so you can listen along if you’d like. The list will, hopefully, give you some insight into me, as an author, and provide clues to plot and structure of Transilience.  Enjoy!

1. "Infinity Girl" by Stereolab.

2. "Asphodel" by Skalpel.

3. "Here Comes the Moon Man" by Amon Tobin

4. "Shivers" by Skalpel

5. "Introductory Nomenclature" by Telefon Tel Aviv

6. "Chain Reaction" by Steroid Maximus

7. "Black Heart" by Calexico

8. "Aftermath" by Ahmad Jamal

9. "Tension" by Skalpel

10. "Sex (I’m A)" by Lovage

11. "Getting There" by Flying Lotus (ft. Niki Randa)

12. "Towers" by Bonobo (ft. Szjerdene)

13. "Break In (Paradowski Remix)" by Skapel

14. "Take Five" by The Dave Brubeck Quartet

15. "Heard from Telegraph Lines" by Boards of Canada.

16. "Silicon Jazz" by Wavescape

17. "Fists of Curry" by Dan the Automater from Bombay the Hard Way Soundtrack

18. "Never Never Land" by The Vince Guaraldi Trio

19. "For Her Non-Place" by Prefuse 73 (I couldn’t actually find this on YouTube but it is on their album Interregnums, which I highly recommend).

20. "Your presence" by Bill Van Loo & J. Schanble (Again, couldn’t find a YouTube video but here is a link to the album. Again, highly recommend it.)

21. "Forces...Darling" by Koop

22. "Soul Clap 2000" by Recloose.

23. "Break Charmer" by Cujo

24. "Evidence" by Thelonious Monk

25. "At My Heels" by Daedalus

26. "Hindsight" by DJ Shadow

27. "Sculpture" by Skalpel (A great track to end a novel, methinks!)

And there you have it. A soundtrack to my book!

If you listened to any, or all, of the tracks, I hope you enjoyed them. As you may have noticed, Skalpel features five times, but again their music had an impact on the way I approached the material. It’s my way of thanking them,

6 Days left in the funding campaign and no steps closer to 250. If you want to support my novel, now is a very good time to do so! If you have, I appreciate your help spreading the word. And if it isn’t too much to ask, keep it up!!



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Mate. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. I’m not sure why this didn’t take off. But it’s not too late. Consider it shared.

One week left in Transilience’s funding campaign and I have been mysteriously quiet for the past two weeks. What’s going on, Kev?

What’s going on, indeed!

Before I progress any further, allow me to thank Zack, Christopher, Dom, Billy, and Peter for their support of my novel. You guys rock and I appreciate you taking a chance on my book! 

For those of you not named Zack, Christopher, Dom, Billy or Peter, I encourage you to check out their Inkshare pages. For those of you named Zack, Christopher, Dom, Billy, or Peter but not the same Zack, Christopher, Dom, Billy, or Peter with a hyperlink...same thing goes for you. Check out their pages, and their work. You can do your part for a fellow Zack, Christopher, Dom, Billy and Peter.

Before I progress any further...wait a second....this is starting to sound oddly familiar. Hmm...perhaps you’re right. I guess I’m going for an aside before I launch into an update whose content has not been fully formed in my mind.

My plan, you see, is to fill this update with hyperlinks. I really have no idea why but it seems like fun to me. If this update is not replete with hyperlinks, my plan has failed. In either case, you will either applaud my efforts or vow never to visit this page again.

The funding campaign for Transilience has one week left. Eight days...I mean seven days until it ends. I need 187 orders to make the Quill goal. That’s eBook publication with a print run for everyone who has ordered a paperback. (The Beatles twice in one paragraph? Really? *shrugs*)

Where was I??

Oh yeah! One. Eight. Seven.

One week = Eight Days...er... Seven Days.

Perhaps it’s a sign.

As many of you already know. 187 is also police code for murder. They even incorporated the number into a television show featuring my former hometown, Detroit. Pity it only lasted a season.

Another coincidence? Transilience is also about murder. Murder for a belief. Murder for a profit. You know...daily life.

Seven days to accomplish a Herculean task. 187 Orders. Perhaps if I could amass a seven nation army of supporters, I can reach 250 by the Eleventh hour.

The obvious solution is to trade pre-orders. Trade them like I’ve never traded them before. Which, ironically, would be any point in the span of time before the moment I traded my first pre-order with another author.

That’s right. I haven’t swapped pre-orders. I’m not a swapper and it may cost me my chance of publication through Inkshares. However, here is why. NB: Some of you have heard this already.

(climbs atop his soapbox).

To me, it’s gaming the system. Perhaps the creators of Inkshares created the credit system for the purpose of trading pre-orders to achieve a goal. However, I’d like to think they did it to encourage others to find new authors, and new works of fiction that excite them. And, in turn, support said fledgling author. Not exchanging orders simply for the sake of achieving an end.

I want people to order Transilience because they are excited about it. Because it’s good fiction. Because it’s relevant. Not because of a sense of obligation.

Am I a fool for sticking to a principle when it might cost me my dream? Probably. After all, we live in a world where - yep here it comes - the winner takes it all. But at what cost? Our dignity? Our chance - sweet Lord brace yourselves - to say, I may have failed but I did it my way? It matters to me.

It’s important here (for me anyway) to point out that I’m not judging anyone who does trade orders. I am simply expressing my opinion. Not trying to inveigh against any one thing. I’d like to think I am engaging in one of the greatest aspects of living in a pluralistic society - another point-of-view. More and more, we are criticized for feeling differently when we should embrace as many perspectives as possible. Isn’t that true democracy?

(Steps down from Soapbox).

True story. Heading into this update, I had no idea what I was going to write. I’m not sure I’ve actually said anything relevant. I’m also not certain I’ve used enough hyperlinks to qualify for ’replete’. I may have alienated many of my peers on this site. But in a paragraph fully engaged in modal verbs, who can say for certain. Right?

I can safely say that I need a shitload of orders between now and next Monday to make the Quill goal. I think it can happen. I know it can happen. I’ve spent much of my life feeling like an underdog (I wonder how many of you expected that link??) and the reward is that much sweeter when I succeed.

So for those of you who have ordered Transilience, I am eternally grateful, and keep spreading the word about it. For those of you who haven’t ordered it, time is running out. Order soon! 

It has already been named Thriller Night Syndicate’s Book of the Month, why not make it your own personal Book of the Month??

Thanks for reading along!

Greetings and salutations!

I just wanted to post a quick update before I head off to the sun, the desert and a place where I might actually be able to wear shorts and a T-shirt because it’s appropriate...not out of spite like I usually do.

Much like "One does not simply walk into Mordor." One does not move to Sweden for the weather (or climate).

A quick, but very sincere, Thank You to Faith, Kurt, John, Howard and Hesse for supporting Transilience. I highly recommend you checking out their pages. Faith has written a mystery novel that oozes pulp fiction (I mean the genre not the film). Hesse has provided an interesting spin on the CIA, a hitman and small town America.

So I will be away until Feb 23rd, but time and Transilience’s campaign will not be taking a wee holiday. I’ll be checking up on the site probably daily and hopefully some fun updates in the process. I mean I will have access to the Internet. It’s everywhere!


I’ll sign off with a little something I drew instead of being productive. I think it’s pretty awesome and says a lot about the story....

I promise the actual sketch I’m giving away will be better than this, but again I quite like it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

And tell everyone you know about this little project of mine. Interest is picking up and if we can get it to snowball then publication is achievable!



Hello everyone!

What better way to assault the drudgery of Hump Day than with some exciting news?

It was rhetorical!


Okay, sure. All very good alternatives to assaulting the drudgery of Hump Day, but we will stick with my news. 

With the assistance of my very good-natured wife, I have a winner to announce for the Sketch Raffle.

In an attempt to convey some sense of legitimacy to the selection, behold an image....

Why are you so large image?!?!?!?!  You’re a 37kb JPG. You could fit 5.25 floppy disk! But here you are hogging up the entire width of the typing area.

Anyway....as you can see all of the contestants have been placed lovingly in our overflow fruit bowl. We also use it for tomatoes from time to time. And salad when we’re feeling fancy. But today...it has the distinct honor of holding the names of everyone who has supported Transilience thus far!!

And the winner is....

Super Reader Tim Merchant

Congrats Tim! I am excited for your win and I guarantee you will be excited too, until maybe you see the finished product. Then all bets are off. 

I’ll be in touch with you, Tim, soon with more details.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported Transilience thus far. Forty-Eight (48) more orders and we do this again for a commissioned piece of artwork.

Spread the word! With your help, and the help of others, we can make my dream a reality.



Last night felt like the slow decline into what promised to be an unpleasant head cold. Today, I feel much better. Needless to say, I fully expected to be miserable when I awoke on this blustery morning!

Has anyone ever told you that "you had a case of the Mondays?"

I attribute my miraculous recovery to single malt whisky, of which I had a wee dram before going to bed. In this case, Caol Isla - a 12 year old Islay. Homer was right about alcohol...

You cannot imagine how honored I am to have been selected as the Thriller Night Syndicate’s book of the month. Thank you one and all in the syndicate for supporting Transilience.

I’m your book of the month, read the fine print later.

For the longest time, my friends and I clinged to the possibility of a second Lovage album. However, the confluence of such a collection of talent could never hope to be replicated. Lightning, as they say, does not strike in the same place twice. If you are unfamiliar with them, check out YouTube. The quote above is a line from Book of the Month.

Thriller Night’s support of Transilience has pushed the number of orders beyond the number 50. Which means, I owe some lucky supporter a sketch! For the syndicate, I will include everyone’s name in the group for a chance at the prize.

I am away next week for a well-deserved respite in a much warmer climate. However, I will draw a name at random this week and announce the winner. I must admit, I am excited about this...and slightly nervous because a sketch for a potential stranger is way outside my comfort zone. 

Fifty-one orders also means Transilience is only 49 away from a chance for a supporter to win a commissioned painting. The winner picks the subject matter and I execute in a style reflective of my own particular....ummm....

Idiom sir?

Yes, right. Idiom....although it feels like we are using it incorrectly. No matter!! On with the show!

So get the word out there! Tell your mom! Tell your dad! Tell your neighbors! And the person who takes your order at the drive-through. Tell your pets about it on the odd chance they save Timmy from a well and then he can go on to tell others about Transilience! Tell Facebook about it and all the other Internets out there! 


Good morning!

In a funding campaign, it seems unwise to loose track of time, but Time has a lot of cliches within its arsenal to hurl at the unexpected any time it wishes. Hehehe...get it? Time has all the time in the world because it’s time.....

I’ll stop now.

Before I get any further in another update whose true purpose in life is hard to guess at, allow me to thank Miss Lindsay, Ricardo and Thaddeus for supporting Transilience. I am supremely grateful that you’ve taken a chance.

In the heyday of my early 20s, Best Buy began expanding its operations outside the black lines and western shore of Lake Superior which define the borders of the state of Minnesota. I snagged a part time job at one of the soon-to-be-built big box stores located in a suburb outside of Detroit. I worked in the video department in an era when Laser Disks still existed; compact VHS competed with 8mm for camcorder supremacy; 5.1 Dolby had just become a thing; and the larger the TV’s screen size, the heavier the box.

My department supervisor - for the sake of anonymity, we will call him Steve - loved the 1993 Harold Ramis directed Groundhog Day. It hit theaters the same year as our store opened (great, now I have dated myself). As soon as it vent to VHS, Steve procured a copy from the media department and played it repeatedly on every screen in the Video Department through a centrally controlled VCR. Working the same shift with Steve, watching the same film over and over again about a guy who was forced to live the same day over and over again until he understood what it meant to be a decent, caring person had a surreal effect on me.

Not for the first time in these updates, might you be asking the question, why are you telling me this?

And not for the first time, will I answer, I’m not exactly sure. Probably because yesterday was Groundhog’s Day and I’ve never been able to disassociate the actual day with the film. A clever lad (I think I’ve offered suitable proof that I am not one of those) would have used it to weave a narrative, which serves as an allegory for the benefits of unrequited generosity in the form of support for their novel. A chance to make a relative strangers dreams come true. That, like Bill Murray’s Phil, you understand the value of kindness and awake the next day to today, February 3rd. If only I were a clever lad....

Transilience is Seven Orders away from 50. I have also been practicing drawing. I’m not willing to comment on my skill level, but don’t let that scare you. If you sense another ’why’ coming, you might just be a superhero.

Why? Heh...If Transilience hits 50 orders, I will raffle off a sketch. It will be signed. It will be the only one in existence. And I will mail it to the winner (assuming they provide me a mailing address). Anyone who has order a copy of Transilience will be eligible. It will also be something related to Transilience...my goal is a character sketch of Helmqvist.

I also paint. I’ve been painting, weekly, for about 5 years now. I’m not trained but I don’t think I’m terrible at it either. So confident am I, that I am willing to post a couple of images of recently completed projects. The first is acrylic on canvas and part of a series of silhouettes I have been working on. The second is a landscape. Oil on canvas using palette knives.

Ah, why not one more. A self portrait. Oil on canvas using brushes.

So here’s the plan. Help me get to 100 Orders and I will raffle off a commission. The winner gets to pick the subject and state any preferences in terms of style. I will then execute the request to the best of my ability. Any other details can be sorted out once we have a winner.

How exciting!! (I hope)....

That’s all I’ve got for today.
Thanks for reading along and support Transilience if you already haven’t. If you have, spread the word!


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