Kevin Bragg's latest update for Transilience

Feb 29, 2016

One week left in Transilience’s funding campaign and I have been mysteriously quiet for the past two weeks. What’s going on, Kev?

What’s going on, indeed!

Before I progress any further, allow me to thank Zack, Christopher, Dom, Billy, and Peter for their support of my novel. You guys rock and I appreciate you taking a chance on my book! 

For those of you not named Zack, Christopher, Dom, Billy or Peter, I encourage you to check out their Inkshare pages. For those of you named Zack, Christopher, Dom, Billy, or Peter but not the same Zack, Christopher, Dom, Billy, or Peter with a hyperlink...same thing goes for you. Check out their pages, and their work. You can do your part for a fellow Zack, Christopher, Dom, Billy and Peter.

Before I progress any further...wait a second....this is starting to sound oddly familiar. Hmm...perhaps you’re right. I guess I’m going for an aside before I launch into an update whose content has not been fully formed in my mind.

My plan, you see, is to fill this update with hyperlinks. I really have no idea why but it seems like fun to me. If this update is not replete with hyperlinks, my plan has failed. In either case, you will either applaud my efforts or vow never to visit this page again.

The funding campaign for Transilience has one week left. Eight days...I mean seven days until it ends. I need 187 orders to make the Quill goal. That’s eBook publication with a print run for everyone who has ordered a paperback. (The Beatles twice in one paragraph? Really? *shrugs*)

Where was I??

Oh yeah! One. Eight. Seven.

One week = Eight Seven Days.

Perhaps it’s a sign.

As many of you already know. 187 is also police code for murder. They even incorporated the number into a television show featuring my former hometown, Detroit. Pity it only lasted a season.

Another coincidence? Transilience is also about murder. Murder for a belief. Murder for a profit. You know...daily life.

Seven days to accomplish a Herculean task. 187 Orders. Perhaps if I could amass a seven nation army of supporters, I can reach 250 by the Eleventh hour.

The obvious solution is to trade pre-orders. Trade them like I’ve never traded them before. Which, ironically, would be any point in the span of time before the moment I traded my first pre-order with another author.

That’s right. I haven’t swapped pre-orders. I’m not a swapper and it may cost me my chance of publication through Inkshares. However, here is why. NB: Some of you have heard this already.

(climbs atop his soapbox).

To me, it’s gaming the system. Perhaps the creators of Inkshares created the credit system for the purpose of trading pre-orders to achieve a goal. However, I’d like to think they did it to encourage others to find new authors, and new works of fiction that excite them. And, in turn, support said fledgling author. Not exchanging orders simply for the sake of achieving an end.

I want people to order Transilience because they are excited about it. Because it’s good fiction. Because it’s relevant. Not because of a sense of obligation.

Am I a fool for sticking to a principle when it might cost me my dream? Probably. After all, we live in a world where - yep here it comes - the winner takes it all. But at what cost? Our dignity? Our chance - sweet Lord brace yourselves - to say, I may have failed but I did it my way? It matters to me.

It’s important here (for me anyway) to point out that I’m not judging anyone who does trade orders. I am simply expressing my opinion. Not trying to inveigh against any one thing. I’d like to think I am engaging in one of the greatest aspects of living in a pluralistic society - another point-of-view. More and more, we are criticized for feeling differently when we should embrace as many perspectives as possible. Isn’t that true democracy?

(Steps down from Soapbox).

True story. Heading into this update, I had no idea what I was going to write. I’m not sure I’ve actually said anything relevant. I’m also not certain I’ve used enough hyperlinks to qualify for ’replete’. I may have alienated many of my peers on this site. But in a paragraph fully engaged in modal verbs, who can say for certain. Right?

I can safely say that I need a shitload of orders between now and next Monday to make the Quill goal. I think it can happen. I know it can happen. I’ve spent much of my life feeling like an underdog (I wonder how many of you expected that link??) and the reward is that much sweeter when I succeed.

So for those of you who have ordered Transilience, I am eternally grateful, and keep spreading the word about it. For those of you who haven’t ordered it, time is running out. Order soon! 

It has already been named Thriller Night Syndicate’s Book of the Month, why not make it your own personal Book of the Month??

Thanks for reading along!