Kevin Bragg's latest update for Transilience

Feb 8, 2016


Last night felt like the slow decline into what promised to be an unpleasant head cold. Today, I feel much better. Needless to say, I fully expected to be miserable when I awoke on this blustery morning!

Has anyone ever told you that "you had a case of the Mondays?"

I attribute my miraculous recovery to single malt whisky, of which I had a wee dram before going to bed. In this case, Caol Isla - a 12 year old Islay. Homer was right about alcohol...

You cannot imagine how honored I am to have been selected as the Thriller Night Syndicate’s book of the month. Thank you one and all in the syndicate for supporting Transilience.

I’m your book of the month, read the fine print later.

For the longest time, my friends and I clinged to the possibility of a second Lovage album. However, the confluence of such a collection of talent could never hope to be replicated. Lightning, as they say, does not strike in the same place twice. If you are unfamiliar with them, check out YouTube. The quote above is a line from Book of the Month.

Thriller Night’s support of Transilience has pushed the number of orders beyond the number 50. Which means, I owe some lucky supporter a sketch! For the syndicate, I will include everyone’s name in the group for a chance at the prize.

I am away next week for a well-deserved respite in a much warmer climate. However, I will draw a name at random this week and announce the winner. I must admit, I am excited about this...and slightly nervous because a sketch for a potential stranger is way outside my comfort zone. 

Fifty-one orders also means Transilience is only 49 away from a chance for a supporter to win a commissioned painting. The winner picks the subject matter and I execute in a style reflective of my own particular....ummm....

Idiom sir?

Yes, right. Idiom....although it feels like we are using it incorrectly. No matter!! On with the show!

So get the word out there! Tell your mom! Tell your dad! Tell your neighbors! And the person who takes your order at the drive-through. Tell your pets about it on the odd chance they save Timmy from a well and then he can go on to tell others about Transilience! Tell Facebook about it and all the other Internets out there!