So some stuff been’s going. 

I know, I know, it’s been a while, and I’m sorry for that. Life has gotten in the way more than I’d like lately. However, progress has been steadily creeping forward on all fronts (at least, as far as this little* book is concerned, I can’t quite say the same for my personal life). Final editing and proof reading / story content is moving smoothly, and I really do believe that this story is something special. I can’t wait for it to finally get into reader’s hands, and hopefully that illustrious moment isn’t too far off. 

Another cool tidbit, I have another artist on board. Vanessa Gillings has joined The Children of the Forest, bringing her expertise to bear with some truly wonderful work (a small preview of which can bee seen below!). In the coming days, I’ll be overseeing a massive overhaul of the book’s main page, bringing all content up to date, with new artwork, official synopsis, and even more, so if you’ve been following along, or haven’t really taken a chance to check out the book’s page yet, now’s a great time to catch up on The Children of the Forest ~ 

Book stuff ~

Jamison stone headshot square 2021 Jamison Stone · Author · added almost 7 years ago
Great quote! Very Lovecraftian! 
Self portrait 2 Michael Valdez · Author · added almost 7 years ago
The art for this project continues to be so very cool.
Sci fi abides Peter Ryan · Author · added over 7 years ago
Well done, mate. I’m glad you made it.
John robin   author bio photo 1   scarf John Robin · Author · added over 7 years ago
Wohoo! Make sure you go and jump in on the Quill Club folder in our group.
Screen shot 2016 07 04 at 3.32.06 pm CB Baker · Author · added over 7 years ago
Congratualtions on the 28 copies sold yesterday!
Jamison stone headshot square 2021 Jamison Stone · Author · added over 7 years ago
Manna spawned from the Yggdrasil tree?! I'm in! Seriously though, The Children of the Forrest looks like a good read! (For those wondering why I like the Yggdrasil, check out my map of Vai'kel!)
Snads ~CRK · Author · added over 7 years ago
Hello. I saw your message under recommendations, and I'd love to trade! So far, I don't have any pre-orders for my book because I have yet to finish it, but I'm very grateful you'd like to purchase a copy! I will be sure to let you know right away when I begin the pre-publishing process. As for now, consider the pre-order for Children of the Forest done and done! (It was on my list of books)
Thanks! For now please help promote.
589781a87778ac3750e92556ef5aa3f8 Mareklach · Reader · added over 7 years ago
Byron, post a sample chapter on Medium.com, Inkitt.com and Tablo.io with a link back here to Inkshares. This is a very powerful, and awesome story, but more people need to know about it.

Passionately awaiting new chapters, Thanks!

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