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Pria danced before she could walk. Now she’s finally achieving her dreams of being a real ballerina. But her struggles begin there. There is so much about the world she doesn’t understand like emotions, friendships, her lost mother, her real father.
Scifi/fantasy in verse tracing a girl’s wandering journey through the Andromeda to preserve planets’ histories while searching for her childhood friend
A novel only in dialog that traces a relationship through its troubled times from youth until old age
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Check out this great book. It needs more follows
Eliza, in search of a story for her grandfather, wanders into the forest at night in pursuit of a giant.
I like the interesting way we're immersed into this sad and scary tale. Makes you feel for Anna and want to follow her
Anna was just a Blank, one of the powerless few in a City of powerful people. She dreamed of being something more. She dreamed of saving the world. Now she is the most hated terrorist of all time. The question is, what happened to Anna?
With such a strong and compelling first chapter, how can you not want to read this book?
When one guardian falls, another must take their place. The newest recruit, Albion Nisbett, finds out that the job involves keeping a secret hidden just beneath the pavements of London. Magic is everywhere. You just have to listen closely.
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