Dear family and friends of Frances,

We did it! LILY LO is out in the world! The book birthday was yesterday, the 27th. As you may also know, the 26th was the 2nd sanniversary of Frances’s passing. Thank you for being on this journey with us and  bringing her dream to life.

We hope you have received your copy(s) and have had a chance to read this excellent story. If you are so inclined...

 Would you kindly write a short review of/rate the book on AMAZON? 

 If we get over 50 reviews, the book will come up in lots more searches. It is a powerful way to market and sell LILY LO with all proceeds going to daughter Emmie’s education. 

By the way, Kirkus, a notoriously hard reviewer of children’s books gave LILY LO a very nice one. Here’s a link: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/frances-lee-hall/lily-lo-and-the-wonton-maker/  This may spur some school or library sales. Fingers crossed!

Once again, thank you all for helping us bring her wonderful writing and story to young and old readers alike.

Wishing you happiest of holiday seasons!

 With gratitude and elation, Ann and Annemarie

Dear family and friends of Frances,

 Your copy(s) of LILY LO AND THE WONTON MAKER should arrive in the next week or so, if they haven’t already! As Frances would say, "YAY!"  We are excited and so grateful to you for helping to bring her dream to life.

 As you know, all proceeds go to Frances’s estate and Emmie’s education fund. We have a narrow window of opportunity to promote this book and encourage sales. 

 May we ask a favor?

 -Please post a photo of your new book along with #inmemoryoffrancesleehall and #lilyloandthewontonmaker on any and all social media.

[Feel free to add #middlegrade #diversestories #ownvoices and/or #WNDB, too]

 If any friends or family want their own copy, encourage them to order it (for $12.99) from AMAZON--or from Inkshares if they want their copy before Nov. 27.


 Thank you so much for being part of this effort! 

 -Ann, Annemarie and Beyond the Margins

Dear family and friends of Frances,

Yay! We have a release date for LILY LO! NOVEMBER 27, 2018! One day after the second anniversary of Frances’s passing and in time for the holidays.

We’re grateful to the Quill team at Inkshares for helping to push the production forward steadily. We’ve been through copyedits, have a dynamite cover designed by May Key Lee, and are now reviewing the proofreader’s pass. We’re also gearing up a promotion campaign and will keep you informed. Thank you for keeping the faith.

Ann and Annemarie

Dear family and friends of Frances, 

We wanted to let you know the latest on LILY LO AND THE WONTON MAKER. Unfortunately, we are still waiting to get into active pre-production with Quill/Inkshares. LILY LO is in the queue but we do not yet have a start date and don’t expect one for a few months as apparently there are a number of books ahead of us. Once we begin, the process will take 4-6 months. We do hope to have the physical book by early 2019. 

 I’m in touch with Quill regularly and will let you know any dates as soon as things get underway. We are all anxious to hold LILY LO AND THE WONTON MAKER in our hands and appreciate your understanding and patience. Thanks again for your support for Frances!  

Ann, Annemarie, and Beyond the Margins

Dear friends and family of Frances,

I’m writing to let you know that we have been in a holding pattern on the production of LILY LO for the last eight weeks and still don’t have an actual release date for the book. So instead of this summer as I optimistically promised, everything has been pushed back to fall, or "for certain before the end of the year." There are several books in the pipeline before us and a small staff to bring them all to life. 

We will continue to respond quickly to anything they need from us and will also keep you informed.

Thank you for your patience.

Truly yours,


Dear family and friends of Frances,

 WE DID IT! Thanks to each one of you, we reached our (revised) goal of 250 pre-orders! Inkshares will now copy-edit, print and distribute a paper-back LILY LO AND THE WONTON MAKER. The original 750 goal included an editorial revision, and a cover design both of which LILY LO already has (fabulous cover thanks to May Key Lee). Also at the 250 “Quill” level, Frances’s estate will receive 50% of future net book proceeds (vs. 35%). 

 Special thanks to the truly devoted Vermont College of Fine Arts community--and a shout out to Catherine Linka and Tami Lewis Brown at Through the Tollbooth, as well as to Frances’s super agent, Marietta Zacker, to Dhonielle Clayton, Stacey Lee, and Ilene Gregorio at We Need Diverse Books, and to Teresa LeYung Ryan for the use of her video of Frances.

 Also, we were delighted that LILY LO was chosen by Janna Grace and the members of the Inkshares “Break The Bechdel With Strong Female Characters Syndicate.” 

 Frances’s husband Lance and daughter Emmie send their thanks and gratitude for helping to honor Frances’s memory.

 Thank you, EVERYBODY, again for your support, many efforts, enthusiasm, and for bringing Frances’s dream to life! We’ll keep you in the loop on when to expect your copy(s) of LILY LO AND THE WONTON MAKER (6 months?).

Ann, Annemarie, Helen, Linden, and Christine (Beyond the Margins)  

Dear Frances Lee Hall friends and family,

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your support for LILY LO. We wanted you to know that Frances’s friend May Key Lee designed a spectacular BOOK COVER for the story!  See it here: : https://www.inkshares.com/books/lily-lo-and-the-wonton-maker

Also, we are now going for the softer printing goal of 250 pre-orders. At 250, Inkshares will print and distribute a paperback LILY LO. They just don’t design a cover, or do an editorial revision. But both of these things have already been done! 

We are only 63 pre-orers from our goal, thanks to you. Feel free to share the cover and the link. And best wishes for a healthy, happy and peaceful 2018!

Ann, Annemarie and Beyond the Margins.

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Frances’ web page moved to https://fleehall.blogspot.com/
Thanks for making Frances’ dream a reality!

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